Wacker’s Newest Asphalt Roller Line Improves Visibility

Fri February 23, 2007 - National Edition
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Wacker’s new generation of ride-on asphalt rollers comes to the market in 2007. Designed and manufactured at the company’s Menomonee Falls, Wis., headquarters, the RD 12-90, RD 12A-90 and RD 16-90 offer a variety of enhancements and operator comfort.

RD 12 Series

Modeled after the RD 11, the RD 12 rollers offer a number of new features suggested by asphalt contractors. It starts with the elimination of overhang on the back of the machine. This was achieved by a redesigned frame and operator’s platform and the use of a pressurized water system. This new design provides visibility for the operator and allows for the roller to get right to the edge of the asphalt for a complete and smooth finish.

These rollers offer an increase in compaction force of 15 percent. The exciter frequency has been increased resulting in faster travel speeds which allows for more efficient and smoother finishes, according to the manufacturer. The RD 12 rollers feature dual drum drive and articulated steering for accurate control. The RD 12’s hydrostatic drive with infinitely variable forward and reverse operation, even accelerations and stops and front drum vibration with static rear drum contribute to a smooth asphalt finish.

The RD 12 features a new pressurized water system. The advantage to this system is that it allows for a much more efficient and consistent water flow. The water pump timer is adjustable to eight positions which allows the operator to better control the water flow, based on the asphalt conditions. Because this system is more efficient, the overall size of the water tank could be reduced, but the running time per tank of water has been increased.

This redesign also contributes to improved operator comfort including significantly reduced whole body vibration and quieter operation. The roller continues to feature the user-friendly control panel and right hand forward and reverse lever with integrated vibration control for operation.

Wacker’s one-ton class RD 12 ride-on asphalt roller series is offered with two engine options: the RD 12-90 comes with a 20.5-hp (15.3 kW) Wacker engine and the RD 12A-90 is equipped with an 18-hp (13.4 kW) Honda model. Both units have an operating weight of 2,490 lbs. (1,129 kg), 35.4-in. (89.9 cm) drum width and centrifugal force of 3,400 lbs. (1,542 kg).

The RD 12 Series is suited for compaction of level sublayers and finish layers on road repairs, driveways, parking lots and any asphalt surface.

RD 16-90 Asphalt Roller

Wacker’s asphalt roller line includes the larger RD 16-90. This new 1.5 ton (1.36 t) diesel-powered unit offers the same new features as the RD 12 series including the overall redesign to eliminate overhang, increased compaction performance, pressurized water system and ergonomic enhancements.

The CE-compliant RD 16 also offers additional features to enhance performance and operator comfort. The centrifugal force of the RD 16 has been increased 30-percent over previous models and offers thicker drums for additional weight, plus dual drum vibration for overall performance and a quality asphalt finish.

The RD 16 also offers as standard a foldable rollover protection system for easier transportation and storage, a rotating beacon light, working lights, horn and back up alarm. The ergonomic operator’s platform features a fully adjustable suspension operator’s seat for maximum comfort.

Wacker’s RD 16-90 roller is powered by a 26.8- hp (20 kW) Lombardini diesel engine. The unit has an operating weight of 3,274 lbs. (1485 kg) and with both the front and rear drums in the vibration mode, it can produce up to 6,800 lbs. (3,084 kg) of total centrifugal force. The RD 16-90 is designed for compacting base and finish layers of asphalt as well as granular material in confined areas. It is ideal for applications such as parking lots, driveways and shoulder work.

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