West Side Tractor Sales Celebrates DiCianni’s Retirement

Tue August 12, 2008 - Midwest Edition

Dominic DiCianni officially retired July 31 as the rental manager of West Side Tractor Sales’s headquarters in Naperville, Ill. DiCianni’s family, West Side Tractor Sales employees and the company’s owners attended a retirement luncheon July 25 to celebrate the occasion.

Rich Benck, founder; Steve Benck, president and owner; and Diane Benck, vice president and owner, were in attendance.

DiCianni had been with the company for the past 13 years.

“It’s been an amazing ride working with this company,” DiCianni said. “The customers were my favorite part of the job but my rapport with every department made coming into work enjoyable everyday.”

In addition to Naperville, West Side Tractor Sales has locations in South Holland, Wauconda, Rockford and Joliet.

Part of DiCianni’s responsibility was to coordinate the rental business with all five locations.

“I’ve been working for 40-something years and decided that it was time to retire and have fun,” DiCianni reasoned. “These were thirteen of the best years of my life. I worked with all great people who really believe in the black and gold.”

West Side Tractor Sales’s colors are black and gold.

At his retirement luncheon, DiCianni relayed a story about the day he was hired.

“When I interviewed with Diane Benck, owner of West Side Tractor Sales, she told me she needed someone who was hungry,” DiCianni said. “I told her ’I’m freaking starving’ and the rest is history.”

And then they went to lunch.