With 15 Years in Industry, Bo Ross Knows Used Iron

Wed August 04, 2004 - Southeast Edition
Angela B. Hurni

After 15 years of working for other people, Bo Ross decided to become his own boss. Six months ago Ross founded Ross Equipment Co. LLC, an independent used equipment dealership.

In his capacity as owner, president and sole employee, Ross buys and sells used equipment and offers brokering services to various companies.

“It has been a life-long dream to own and operate my own business,” said Ross.

Over the years, Ross’ experience in the heavy equipment industry has been with Cat, including a total of 13 years with Ring Power Corp. and two years with Caterpillar Redistribution Services Inc. (CRSI). The last position he held at Ring Power (Ringhaver Equipment Co.) was assistant used equipment manager.

Ross acknowledges that he would not be operating his own business today without all of the experience he has gained from his peers, his mentors and his previous positions.

“In my opinion, you have to have many years of experience in the industry to start on your own,” he explained. “I would never have dreamed of starting this business straight out of college. You need experience and good contacts to do this.”

Considering his background, it is no wonder that Ross specializes in all models of used Cat equipment. However, it is not limited to just Cat units; he also has extensive knowledge of non-Cat units.

Ross works out of his office in Valrico, FL, but he keeps his inventory in Mulberry, FL, where the numbers of pieces vary.

When Ross speaks of brokering, he says he is “putting buyers and sellers together.” If a customer needs a piece of equipment, then he will locate it. If a customer has a product to sell, then he will help locate a buyer. On the other hand, if a good deal on a piece of equipment comes across his desk, he said, “I will buy it and keep it in inventory.”

Ross Equipment Co. buys and sells equipment in North America and abroad. “My contacts are both domestic and global,” Ross explained. He also offers appraisal and inspection services for his customers on any units in the central Florida area, regardless of the make or model.

According to Ross, the market for used equipment is very hot right now. He attributes several factors to the state of the current market: one is the high price of steel.

“Orders for new production are very high right now. The factories just can’t keep up with the demand,” said Ross. “If a customer cannot get a new piece of equipment, it drives up the demand for used equipment.”

He believes it is the basic theory of supply and demand. If you can’t get new equipment now, used equipment can be a more feasible option. He also clarifies, “That is the world according to Bo, and Bo knows used equipment.”

So far, Ross has encountered positive experiences while operating his own business. “It has been hard work, but it is for myself,” Ross said. “It has been satisfying and very rewarding. I thoroughly enjoy helping others meet their used equipment needs and look forward to many successful years in this business.”

For more information, call 813/505-2013 or visit www.rossequipco.com .