$190 million in construction, upgrades planned for South Dakota State through 2019

Tue January 24, 2017 - Midwest Edition

South Dakota State University plans several upgrades to it's campus.
South Dakota State University plans several upgrades to it's campus.

South Dakota State University in Brookings is entering a busy year for construction as administrators look to build, expand and remodel.

Students say word of these plans on campus is exciting.

"It'll be really good for the school. when I came here, I really liked SDSU so it'll be really cool to watch it grow," Freshman Caleigh Whitlock said.

According to Facilities and Services Vice President Dean Kattelman, some of the bigger construction projects will start pretty soon.

"This summer, we'll break ground on the Wellness Center project. A 37,000-square foot addition to provide court storage, racquetball courts, laundry maintenance, exercise studio. New lobby and entryway," Facilities and Services V.P. Dean Kattelman said.

Another big project includes an addition to Frost Arena.

"t'll be a three-phase project. This is phase one. Phase two and three will be done simultaneously. We'll re-purpose the inside of Frost to get the fan experience and amenities corrected and a practice facility for the wrestling team that has done well.," Kattelman said.

Each of these, the school hopes to have done by 2019. It's something Kattelman says will improve the quality of life.

"This is the place to come. We're a forward-thinking, opportunistic school that has been refreshed, friendly. It's the school to come to," Kattelman said.

"If people know we're updating, we can get more people to come to campus and join SDSU's community as students," Sophomore Emily Harris said.

He says the SDSU Foundation has been aggressive in getting donations to help offset the costs of the buildings.

Two other projects are awaiting approval from the South Dakota State Legislature. They include an addition and renovation of the Stanley Marshal building and a brand new Natural Resources and Research Support Facility.

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