ABC Applauds Right-to-Work Legislation

Wed May 21, 2003 - Northeast Edition

The Associated Builders & Contractors Inc., (ABC PA) applauds the Right-to-Work (RTW) legislation (House Bill 50), which was introduced by Representative Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler.

“We are pleased that Representative Metcalfe has introduced this legislation,” stated David Leinbach, director of Government Affairs of the Southeast Pennsylvania Chapter.

“For ABC PA, this is an issue of economic development. Making Pennsylvania a Right-to-Work state will retain, attract and recruit businesses to locate and/or expand their operations in Pennsylvania. This ’no cost’ economic development tool will mean not only a better permanent job market for Pennsylvania, it also will ensure additional jobs in construction, manufacturing, service, technology, etc. resulting in a stable work source for Pennsylvania,” he said.

ABC has and will continue to support the free enterprise system which has been the cornerstone of the country’s economic philosophy since its founding. By making Pennsylvania a Right-to-Work state, it will ensure that every Pennsylvania worker has the right to choose if they will be a part of any organization, with the right to determine if they will pay dues or become members of such organizations without the requirements for employment, according to ABC.

Statistics and studies compiled by researchers over the past three decades demonstrate that Right-to-Work states lead the nation in productivity, job growth and a higher standard of living. Pennsylvania’s employment growth was 49th in the nation from 1970 to 2000. Employment grew 45-percent faster each year, on average, in RTW states than in other states. The RTW states outpaced Pennsylvania’s employment growth on average by 222 percent (The Commonwealth Foundation, “Labor Freedom is the Key to Pennsylvania’s Economic Prosperity,” Nov. 18, 2002).

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