AED Foundation Surpasses 900 Diesel Equipment Certified Technicians

Mon October 07, 2019 - National Edition

The AED Foundation has certified more than 500 diesel equipment technicians in 2019 through its Certified Technician Program. Since the program was launched in 2018, the Foundation has certified more than 900 technicians.

The Certified Technician Program is the only non-OEM technician certification program specifically for the construction equipment industry. Diesel equipment technicians who have become certified have passed The AED Foundation Technical Assessment with a score of 70 percent or higher, according to AED.

Through this program, technicians are recognized for their expertise, setting a standard of knowledge for potential hires and already established professionals in the industry. For construction equipment dealers, this program provides a way to benchmark technicians and reward their understanding by identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Other benefits of AED Foundation Technician Certification include:

  • Technicians can show their professional commitment
  • Recognition can be earned for both your technicians and dealership
  • Certification demonstrates that your technicians' skills fully align with The AED Foundation's industry-developed technical standards
  • Dealers can reward their technicians' continuous improvement and high performance
  • Dealers show their interest and invest in their technicians' career development

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