AIM’s DH Wishbone Forks Sport Vertical Floating Tines

Wed June 06, 2007 - National Edition

Wishbone clamp forks are part of the complete line of material handling attachments offered by AIM Attachments.

Features include:

• Vertical floating tines, for ease of loading and unloading on rough terrain that are adjustable to handle various widths of materials. The tines are fully forged and heat-treated, with a true 3 to 1 safety factor.

• Low profile backframe offers maximum visibility for logs and materials.

• Tapered clamp design for better penetration.

• Double-pivot construction offering two pivot points and six heat-treated bushings.

AIM DH wishbone forks come in sizes ranging from 72 to 120 in. (183 to 305 cm) wide that can handle from 10,500 to 80,000 lbs. (4,763 to 36,287 kg).

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