Allied Recycling Finds Success with Help From Liebherr and Lorusso Heavy Equipment

Wed October 22, 2014 - Northeast Edition

A stack of bales ready for shipment is a common site at Allied’s processing yard.
A stack of bales ready for shipment is a common site at Allied’s processing yard.
A stack of bales ready for shipment is a common site at Allied’s processing yard. Michael Sciaba (L), general manager, and Edward Jamieson, owner, both of Allied Recycling Center Inc. in Walpole, Mass. The Liebherr A934C HD and A924 material handlers are both durable and fuel efficient machines that are key instruments to Allied Recycling’s daily operations. Allied Recycling offers a variety of solutions such as various sized containers, and for larger jobs, its own fleet of trucks and trailers to maximize customer service. The A934C HD Liebherr material handler makes easy use of its grapple to stockpile and load out scrap metal.

Edward Jamieson has been in the scrap industry for decades. When the opportunity arose in 2003 to take over the site of a former demolition and recycling center in Walpole, Mass., Jamieson jumped at the opportunity.

The company started off like so many other companies, as a very small, family-owned entity, doing everything they could to generate scrap metals. In 2010, Michael Sciaba joined the Allied Recycling team and has been key in handling the company’s daily business operations. In the extremely competitive industry, Allied has grown more than 250 percent over the last 4 years by making customer service the absolute priority.

As a full-service metal recycling center for all ferrous and nonferrous metals, Allied Recycling is effective at processing everything made out of metal. It provides trucking services for its customers along with onsite processing when needed. Allied offers demolition, junk car pick-up, equipment rentals and heavy equipment recycling services to its customers.

“We would rather do no business, than provide bad business or bad service. Our customers are the reason why we have grown this business, and it’s our number one goal to meet their needs. All of the metal recyclers in this region can buy and sell metal. We do much more than that for our customers by offering them solutions that are not only financially favorable, but we also offering them a variety of services so that we can tailor our their recycling experience to what is best for the customer as opposed to what is best for us,” said Sciaba.

Due to the extensive volume of scrap metal processed, Allied needs strong, reliable, fuel efficient machinery to process the material. It currently uses Liebherr wheel loaders, track excavators and wheeled material handlers purchased from Lorusso Heavy Equipment.

“After buying our first Liebherr from Gerry Carney at Lorusso Heavy Equipment, there was no question about what type of equipment to purchase for our daily business operations. Liebherr makes an outstanding product. They are cost effective and dependable. Lorusso Heavy Equipment provides excellent customer service,” said Sciaba.

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