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Bair Uses On-Site Crushing to Stay Ahead of Competition

Sat September 23, 2006 - Midwest Edition
Richard Miller

Greg Bair, president of Greg Bair Track Hoe Service Inc. of Overland Park, KS, is always looking to stay one step ahead of the competition.

When he first started out in the excavation business he didn’t want to be just another excavator on a low-boy, so he chose to specialize in demolition and rock breaking.

At first, his demolition practice included using a track-hoe with a breaker attachment to reduce the foundation or rock and trucking to a landfill.

The excavated area was then backfilled with material trucked on site.

In time Bair saw a need to change this procedure by using a mobile crusher to provide on-site crushing. In July 2004 Bair bought his first mobile crusher — an Extec C-10.

“Originally, the decision to buy a crusher was more economics than environmental,” Bair said. “By crushing on site and using the material for backfill, I could eliminate the need for trucking material to the landfill. This saves on landfill fees and wear and tear on a truck fleet.”

According to Bair, the 70,000 lb. C-10 is small enough to maneuver around those residential jobs. This maneuverability is enhanced by the fact that the C-10 is self-propelled and can be operated remotely.

Additionally, the C-10 has hydraulic feet to keep the machine level despite uneven site terrain.

A recent residential job in Leawood, KS, best explains the versatility Bair has implemented.

Leawood is a suburban community lying just over the state line from Kansas City, MO.

Bair’s customer bought an older property in an established neighborhood for the sole purpose of removing the structure and rebuilding on the remaining lot.

Habitat for Humanity was used to remove the structure for donation value. Bair Excavating then assembled his equipment to reduce the remaining foundation, concrete flatwork and chimney.

Using a Kobelco 220 with a hydraulic hammer and bucket, along with the Extec C-10, Bair’s two-man crew spent three days reducing and storing the concrete debris on site.

The only truck traffic through this residential area was to mobilize the equipment and bring in a few loads of fill material to level the site.

Bair contends these small jobs are the backbone of their success. “Jobs are estimated in four hour increments. Staying small keeps us busy on a more regular basis.”

In April 2006 Bair purchased a second C-10. Purchasing the second crusher continued to provide Bair flexibility in handling the smaller jobs.

“We found there were times when the crusher was tied to a large project and our smaller jobs were getting backlogged.” Bair said. “By buying the second crusher we were able complete our small jobs in a timely manner.”

The second crusher also allows Bair to serve commercial jobs, too.

“Most of our commercial clients want the on-site rock reduced for backfill and aggregate purposes,” Bair stated.

This emphasis on focusing on the small jobs has paid great dividends.

Today Bair operates 20 Kobelco excavators, along with twelve various Allied hammers and crusher attachments.

His truck fleet consists of two push-out trailers, a 55 cu. yd. demolition trailer, and a 34 ft. side-dump trailer. Bair now also provides pier drilling services with a Lodril LM60 and LLM60 and a Hodril rotary drill.

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