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Bandit Color Max Coloring System Now Available For The Beast Horizontal Grinders

Mon April 24, 2017 - National Edition

Bandit Color Max system.
Bandit Color Max system.

With Bandit's enhanced Color Max colorizer system, creating beautiful colored landscape mulch from waste wood has never been easier. The Color Max colorizer system is a quick, efficient, cost-effective system that outperforms all other coloring systems, creating the highest quality colored mulch faster and with lower operating costs.

The Color Max coloring system sprays color directly to The Beast's patented cuttermill, which thoroughly coats material during processing.

“This system takes full advantage of the high-production capabilities of The Beast, distributing color throughout the mulch as its broken down,” said Jason Morey, Bandit Industries sales manager. “Because color is applied to the cuttermill, coverage on the product is distributed evenly while also being efficient with the colorant. Compared to the competition, The Beast using the Color Max system can easily produce 35% more colored mulch per hour.”

The Color Max system requires less colorant and water to create the rich, evenly colored landscape mulch that's always in demand. By applying color to the cuttermill, material stays in better contact with color to literally produce more colored mulch with less colorant. On average, the Color Max system uses 25% less color and 30% less water compared to the competition.

“The Beast is already known around the world for producing the highest quality mulch. With the Color Max system you'll maximize profit on your waste wood even further,” Morey said. The Color Max system is available as on option on all models in The Beast lineup. Contact Bandit Industries or your nearest Bandit authorized dealer for a coloring demonstration.

Learn more about Color Max system and other wood processing machines at www.banditchippers.com.