Bobcat Tree Spade Attachments Available in Five Sizes

Wed April 02, 2008 - National Edition

Bobcat Company’s new tree spade attachments are available in five new sizes and in truncated, modified and cone blade configurations. These choices give contractors the ability to select the right tree spade attachment for their machine and application.

The new Bobcat tree spades are available in sizes of 24, 28, 32, 36 and 44 in. (61, 71, 81, 91 and 112 cm) Bobcat consulted with key tree industry suppliers to ensure that these sizes would fit standard industry baskets. All sizes are available in all blade configurations, except the 44-in. tree spade, which is available in the modified and cone configurations.

The truncated blade configuration has a 22 degree tower angle that provides a better stand of the tree when placed in a basket. Truncated blades are best for use in loamy soils. On loamy to sandy soils, the modified blade configuration works best.

Bobcat modified blades have a tower angle of 25 degrees, which allows the tree to be placed in baskets. The cone blade configuration is most often used to pick trees up and then transport and place them. This blade configuration also can be used to place trees in baskets. This blade configuration works best in sandy soils.

Bobcat offers two valve options for the tree spade attachments, 7-pin or convertible.

A dedicated 7-pin electric-over-hydraulic control valve is used on Bobcat G Series or newer machines. This configuration takes advantage of the integrated attachment controls built into the steering lever handles of current Bobcat loaders.

The convertible valve option makes it possible to use the tree spade on all other brands of loaders as well as all approved Bobcat loaders. The convertible valve system can be operated with either a conventional pendant control or the seven-pin attachment control kit.