Bobcat A300 Slims SC Site Management Firm’s Monthly Costs

Fri December 05, 2003 - Southeast Edition

Construction site cleanup contractor Henry Evans is putting an extra $300 to $400 in his pocket every month.

That’s what he was spending to replace tires on his previous skid steer loader, which was doing work that required a lot of quick tread-wearing turns on paved surfaces. He’s still completing the same type of jobs but is now using a Bobcat A300 all-wheel steer (AWS) loader. For Evans, that means four to five times more life from the tires on his Bobcat loader.

“My skid-steer loader was burning through a set of tires in about 200 to 250 hours,” he said. “In 18 months, I spent about $8,200 on new tires. The tires on my A300 should last 8,000 to 1,000 hours in our applications.”

Evans and his partner, Robert Hughes, own E&H Site Management Inc., Little River, SC. The company uses the AWS machine with a Bobcat combination bucket to load debris from home construction sites into trucks parked on paved streets in new subdivisions. In addition to the excessive tire wear, the constant skid-turning left unsightly marks on the roads and deep ruts in the yards.

“I used to spend 10 to 15 minutes at each site repairing the ruts and scraping rubber from the street,” said Evans. “With the A300, I can turn 180 degrees and, if nothing spills from the bucket, you can’t even tell we were there. The site looks as good after loading the debris as it did before we started.”

(This article appears courtesy of WorkSaver).