Caron Named President of Nevada Builders Alliance Board of Directors

Mon February 06, 2017 - West Edition

Melissa Caron, president of A.M. Smith Electric Inc., has been named president of the board of directors of Nevada Builders Alliance. Caron has served on the board since 2014.

“I am very thankful for the opportunity that NBA and my colleagues have afforded me and I fully intend on continuing to build upon the good work of my predecessors,” Caron said. “It is an exciting time for the construction industry in Nevada once again, but the challenges of managing growth responsibly, building a qualified local workforce and creating a stable business cycle for our state still remains at large. I look forward to working with professionals, legislators, contemporaries and competitors alike to face and meet these challenges to help build a robust and resilient future for Nevada.”

Aaron West, chief executive officer of Nevada Builders Alliance, said Caron's appointment is affirmation of the growing diversity and opportunities present in the construction industry.

“Melissa Caron's elevation to this post reflects the respect of her peers and an appreciation of her continued support of the industry and the Nevada Builders Alliance,” said West.

The Nevada Builders Alliance is a professional organization representing the construction industry, and all affiliated sectors. With more than 700 member companies representing tens of thousands of Nevadans in every corner of the state, Carson City-based Nevada Builders Alliance serves as the voice of the state's construction industry.

Current executive board members include Rob McFadden of State Street Development LLC as vice-president; Duane Dougherty of Heritage Bank as treasurer; and Larry Peyton of Tahoe Insurance as secretary.

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