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Cat Unveils Wide Array of New Products at Press Event

Sun November 25, 2018 - National Edition

Caterpillar unveiled a whopping 24 new products, refinements to existing products and new services during a press conference Nov. 14 and 15 at the Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center.
Caterpillar unveiled a whopping 24 new products, refinements to existing products and new services during a press conference Nov. 14 and 15 at the Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center.
Caterpillar unveiled a whopping 24 new products, refinements to existing products and new services during a press conference Nov. 14 and 15 at the Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center. (L-R): Brian Stellbrink, Caterpillar, listens as Chuck Laney, CEO, and Luke Laney, vice president of operations, both of C. Laney and Sons, Sevierville, Tenn., speak highly about the Cat Next Generation excavators. Greg Simpson, Stowers Cat, and Matt Peterson, Caterpillar, also listen in. (L-R): Jason Becker, Caterpillar; Mike Giddens, F&H Contractors, Crystal River, Fla.; Bill Hartt, Ring Power; Ray Simpson and Carter Schlumberger, both of Savage Excavation, Carbondale, Colo.; Morris Ledbetter Jr., Ledbetter Excavating, Franklin County, Va.; Paul Shively, Paul R. Shively Inc., Franklin County, Va.; and Mark Carlton, Carter Machinery, all discuss the new Caterpillar mini- and micro- excavators. During the event, members of the press were able to pretend to be contractors by operating a wide range of Cat equipment, including this 330 Next Gen excavator. Product walk-arounds were an integral element of the two-day press conference. Media members were provided an in-depth look at all of the new products, including the Cat C13B engine. Caterpillar CEO Jim Umpleby addressed members of the media during the press conference Nov. 15 at Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center. New Next Generation mini-excavators, such as the 309 CR, put on a great show during the product demo in the morning. Among the exciting unveils at the Cat press conference was the D6 XE, the world’s first high drive electric dozer. On its Next Generation mini-excavators, Caterpillar placed a strong emphasis on ease-of-service, in part by color-coding the hydraulic hoses that run through the boom so that technicians can easily identify which one they are working on. On its Next Generation mini-excavators, Caterpillar placed a strong emphasis on ease-of-service, in part by color-coding the hydraulic hoses that run through the boom so that technicians can easily identify which one they are working on. Caterpillar featured panel discussions during the two-day press conference where contractors, who were instrumental in the design of the new products and had test operated them, spoke about their positive impressions. Here, David Zavoral (R) of R.J. Zavoral & Sons, East Grand Forks, Minn., talked about the new D6 XE electric drive dozer. Sam Meeker (L), Caterpillar, and Marlo Davis, Ziegler Cat, listen as Zavoral addresses media members.

Caterpillar unveiled a wide range of 24 new products and services during a two-day year-end press briefing Nov. 14 and 15 at Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center, outside of Peoria, Ill. This was the highest number of unveilings Cat has ever made during one press event, nearly doubling its previous high of 14. Here is a roundup of all of the new equipment introductions, design refinements and technological services.

D6 and D6 XE Dozers

The new Cat D6 dozer now comes with a choice of electric drive (D6 XE), the world's first high drive electric drive dozer, or fully automatic 4-speed transmission power train (D6).

A redesigned purpose-built VPAT dozer offers high performance grading, while updated technology features help operators to be more productive from first pass to finish grade. Profitability is enhanced with up to 35 percent better fuel efficiency and reduced service and maintenance costs. At 215 hp and an operating weight range of 47,949 to 53,126 lbs., the new D6 replaces the versatile D6T bulldozer.

Next Generation 120 and 140 Motorgraders

The Cat 120 motorgrader features an all new operator station with steering control option, enhanced rear visibility and improved HVAC performance, expanded technology offerings and a reliable all-wheel drive option. Next generation fluid filters and standard ECO mode help keep owning and operating costs down.

The 140 motorgrader includes hydraulic brakes, which do not require routine maintenance, a front axle with oil bath wheel bearings (non-AWD), a circle saver option to maximize circle tooth and pinion line and a standard circle drive slip clutch to protect the circle drive. The Cat GRADE with Cross Slope provides up to 40 percent material savings.

Next Generation 330, 330 GC and 336, 336 GC Excavators

The Cat 330 and 330 GC excavators offer increased fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs — each up to 20 percent —while the 336 and 336 GC deliver up to 45 percent operator efficiency gains using Cat Connect Technologies and up to 15 percent fuel efficiency gains and lower maintenance costs. Operating efficiency is increased by up to 45 percent on the Cat 330. The 336 next generation excavator has a newly redesigned cab, better visibility and optional 360-degree camera; the 336 GC has a lower operating weight and several front linkage configurations.

990K Aggregates Handler Large Wheel Loader

The 22-ton payload 990K aggregate handler features a 25 percent increase in rated payload as compared to the standard 990K and is available in both standard and high lift configurations. Customers can now load truck and railcars faster and move more material in load-and-carry and stockpile management tasks. The 990K aggregate handler is available in standard lift configuration with 13.5-ft. dump clearance and in high lift configuration with 15-ft. dump clearance.

730, 730 EJ, 735 and 740 GC Artic Trucks

Three new Cat articulated trucks — 730, 730 EJ (Ejector) and 735 — have been extensively redesigned, enhancing the features and performance of their C-Series predecessors (730C2, 730C2 EJ, and 735C) with new operator stations — including new controls, transmission-protection features, new hoist-assist system, advanced traction control system, new stability-assist system, and a fuel saving ECO operating mode. In addition, the design of the 730 and 730 EJ is enhanced with automatic retarder control and a hill-start feature. The 735 retains these features from its C-Series predecessor and further incorporates significant design refinements.

The Cat 740 GC articulated dump truck (ADT) re-introduces the 40-ton size class to the Cat ADT range and is designed to incorporate the features and performance of models currently in the ADT lineup.

Next Generation Mini- and Micro- Excavators

Cat's mini-hydraulic excavator lineup allows customers expanded choices for matching machine capabilities and machine features to the applications: 301.5 (1.5-ton class, standard tail swing, with canopy); 301.7 CR (1.7-ton class, compact radius, with canopy); 301.8 (1.8-ton class, standard tail swing, with either canopy or cab); 302 CR (2.0-ton class, compact radius, with either canopy or cab). Minimum operating weights (approximate) for the new models range from 3,500 to 4,500 lbs., with weights increasing to 3,900 to 4,900 lbs., depending on specific machine configuration. Features include tilt-up cabs, stick steer, cruise control and standard air-conditioning.

An additional six models have been released in the 7- to 10-ton category: the 307.5, a standard tail swing model with a fixed boom; 308 CR, a compact radius model with a swing boom; 308 CR VAB, featuring a variable angle (two-piece) swing boom; 309 CR, a new model in the mini range featuring a compact radius, swing boom, and high flow auxiliary hydraulics; 309 CR VAB, which expands the 309 CR's capability with a variable angle boom; and 310, also new to the range, featuring a fixed boom, standard tail swing, and twin blade cylinders for handling heavy duty dozing chores. The new models range in maximum operating weight from 18,152 to 22,447 lbs.

440, 450 Backhoes

The new addition to the Cat backhoe loader model line-up, the 440 boasts a 25 percent backhoe lifting improvement over the 430F2 and redesigned single tilt loader arms providing parallel lift and versatility in a multitude of applications. The new 450 offers 15 percent higher backhoe lifting capacity than the 450F and introduces an all new cab for increased operator comfort. Lift and tilt breakout forces also have significantly increased on both the 440 and 450 to improve machine productivity and a more balanced weight design and longer backhoe stabilizer legs improve operating stability.

903D, 918M Compact Wheel Loaders

The new Cat 903D compact wheel loader, compared with its 903C2 predecessor, features a 25 percent increase in both lifting capacity and travel speed. The new 903D has buckets ranging in capacity from 0.8 to 1.3 cu. yd. and features a standard auxiliary (third-function) hydraulic system that delivers a flow of up to 14 gpm at pressures to 3,481 psi, producing ample hydraulic horsepower to operate any number of hydraulic work tools.

The 918M compact wheel loader has four new options, including a newly designed loader arm assembly can provide up to 10 percent more lift height and reach compared with the standard loader linkage equipped with a similar work tool interface. Buyers also now have the choice of three couplers with the addition of the Caterpillar designed Fusion Coupler System to the 918M's option list.

CUV85, CUV105 D UTVs

Caterpillar's utility vehicle line has been expanded to include the gasoline-powered Cat CUV85 and diesel-powered CUV105 D. Both feature a second row of seating to accommodate a total of five people, and both feature a rugged steel cargo bed and offer 1,000-lb. total rear cargo capacity and 2,000-lb. towing capacity. The CUV85 is powered by a 0.8L three-cylinder gasoline engine delivering 50 hp, while a 1.0 L three-cylinder diesel engine delivers 25 hp to the CUV105 D.

C13B Engine

The new C13B engine offers high power density, reaching 34-kW/L (46-hp/L), that allows engine downsizing without sacrificing performance or reliability. It delivers 15-liter power at 32 percent less system weight and offers peak power across a wide speed range enabling OEMs to optimize machine performance based on their application needs, plus it features high torque rise for excellent load acceptance. The C13B will be available with engine-mounted aftertreatment and installed radiators from the factory, offering plug and play solutions that minimize machine design, validation and installation costs.

GRADE With 3D for Small Dozers

The new Cat GRADE with 3D system for D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2 track-type tractors is an automated grade control system using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology to precisely position the machine's blade, without operator input, from first rough cut to finish grade. When in its GNSS mode, GRADE with 3D can provide one-tenth foot-level accuracy by employing real time kinematic positioning technology, which integrates multiple satellite signals with information from an onsite, base-station receiver or other corrections device. GRADE with 3D, when activated, automatically controls the movement of the machine's blade, both lift and tilt, to conform to digital jobsite plans. The only input required of the operator is to steer the machine, reducing overall manual input required by an estimated 80 percent.


eRoutes is a process monitoring solution that facilitates the smooth, steady delivery of material from the plant to the paver. It helps contractors understand the factors that contribute to efficient paving operation, react quickly to potential problems and optimize performance. The system tracks machine location and collects data about material from the plant to the paver, allowing users to visualize truck scheduling and production. eRoutes use GPS positioning to track and record data; machine-to-machine communication and data collection is achieved via wireless and/or cellular connections.

Cat App and Remote Services

The new Cat App is made for customers who spend their time in a truck, at the job site or on the go and need to track critical machine operating data from the field. The exact location of all equipment tracked by the app is displayed on the mobile device, along with the machine's operating hours, health and utilization data. Designed for machine owners worldwide, Cat App users can choose from 35 different languages. It is available on both iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded from Apple iTunes or Google Play store.

New to Cat's Connect technology suite is Remote Troubleshoot and Remote Flash. Remote Troubleshoot analyzes real-time asset data, so the dealer can run diagnostics testing on the connected product and pinpoint potential issues. Remote Flash conveniently ensures Cat equipment operates with the most current version of on-board software, so the products deliver high performance, maximum efficiency and minimum downtime. Currently Cat Remote Troubleshoot is available on Next Gen excavators, and Cat Remote Flash is available on Next Gen and 336F XE hydraulic excavators, M3 Series motorgraders, L and M Series medium wheel loaders from the 950M to the 972 XE models, and 10 models of Oil and Gas engines. and

New features are being released for and that will enhance customers' ability to manage rental and used equipment activity and information. New for is the portal feature for My Account online services, which will be available to customers via a web app accessed through the web browser and native app on the mobile device. The new capability is designed to significantly improve customer efficiency by allowing quicker access to account information, expanding what a customer can do online, and by improving customer ease of use, whether via desktop or phone. A complete refresh of the Caterpillar used equipment website,, which has been serving customers globally for more than 17 years, further expands customers' direct access to Cat equipment from the Cat dealer network.


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