Company Wrench Obtains Patents for Excavator System, Demo Method

Wed August 09, 2017 - Midwest Edition #16

Company Wrench, Carroll, Ohio, and its owner Brad Hutchinson were recently awarded two patents, US 9,657,458 B2, the Auxiliary Power Unit Excavator System (APU Unit) and US 9,662,661 B2, the Demolition machine retrofit method, apparatus, and demolition method (hybrid demolition pulverizing/shearing machines).

Patent No.: US 9,657,458 B2, dated May 23, 2017, is described as an auxiliary power unit excavator system comprises a vehicular base powered by a first internal combustion engine enabling excavator mobility, an excavator boom assembly disposed on a top side of the vehicular base, an auxiliary power unit assembly disposed on a top side of the vehicular base, a cab disposed above the vehicle base, and a second internal combustion engine powering a generator.

Patent No.: US 9,662,661 B2, dated May 30, 2017, is described as a shear tool or concrete pulverizer retrofit method, a hybrid demolition machine, such as one resulting from such a method, and a demolition method that may be carried out using such a demolition machine.

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