Crisp Offers ’One-Stop Crushing Shopping Center’ in TX

Mon March 08, 2004 - West Edition

The state of Texas has long been in a growth mode, but in the late 1970s there was a tremendous influx of people and industries moving to the Lone Star State. It became obvious that the infrastructure would have to grow and grow quickly.

In 1977, John Crisp, owner of Crisp Industries in Bridgeport, TX, saw a definite need for service providers in the aggregate industry including plant maintenance and steel erection.

As a young man, John Crisp had a vision, laid out his plan and accomplished the goal now known as Crisp Industries. Prior to establishing Crisp industries in 1977, Crisp worked as a contract welder for Gifford Hill, a large aggregate producer of that time. Even then, Crisp could see that the aggregate companies needed multiple welders and overall maintenance and repair personnel. He also knew that no such company existed that could supply quality welders on a quantity basis.

Crisp’s understanding of the industry told him that the aggregate companies wanted to deal with a single source for all their construction and repair needs.

“Including myself, all the welders in Bridgeport and the surrounding area were independents and simply were not considered when it came to large projects,” recalled Crisp. “ I started talking to the other welders in the area about forming a company to handle all the repair and maintenance for large aggregated suppliers and my idea was met with a lot of resistance.”

In the face of resistance, Crisp strongly believed in his view of the industry and started his own company in a pole barn that he was building. Even before the pole barn was finished, he already needed to expand the fledgling company.

There are many reasons why Crisp Industries has grown to become one of the prominent companies associated with the aggregate industry, but according to Crisp, a key reason is that it is a hands-on company.

“Even though I am the owner of a multimillion dollar company, I will not ask any one to do something that I would not do myself. Since I started as a welder, I feel very comfortable getting my hands dirty if that is what it takes to get the job done,” said Crisp.

According to Crisp, his company sells “comfortability.” His customers know that when Crisp is on the project, they do not have to worry that the job will be done right

Many potential customers in the aggregate industry had the desire to “keep it simple,” by locating one supplier who could provide a complete turnkey operation. Due to his reputation for taking a “no nonsense approach to accomplishing the task at hand, Crisp found that his company was in great demand to provide this turn-key service.

As the industry grew, Crisp was in tune with the demands of the time and was compelled to expand the company into steel fabrication and erection. In order to be a more complete source for the industry, Crisp incorporated concrete fabrication into his business, as well.

Crisp continued to diversify by integrating expert personnel into departments including:

• an engineering and sales staff to assess a project and design an efficient operation to meet the customer’s needs for a complete aggregate and material system. In many cases, the customer’s engineering staff consults with the Crisp engineering staff for advice on their designs’ feasibility.

• a purchasing department to locate and acquire quality steel at the best cost to the customer.

• an expanded service department.

He also sought to become affiliated with major suppliers of all the equipment needed to design and build a complete aggregate plant.

As a comprehensive provider in an industry where everything has to fit, Crisp Industries offers the following capabilities:

• design and fabrication

• engineering and surveying

• complete steel erection and concrete placement

• total electrical systems

• complete site development and management

• redesign and improvement of existing plants

Due to the company’s professional and ethical business reputation in the industry, many OEMs have attached themselves to Crisp Industries Inc. as their dealer for Metso Minerals, Thor, Tramac, Derrick Siemens Miltronics and McLanahan Corp.

In business for 27 years, Crisp Industries has grown to occupy more than 27 acres, to employ 60 to 75 people at a given time, and to maintain more than 45,000 sq. ft. of facility space with 7,500 sq. ft. of offices.

The company also operates four fabrication shops with overhead cranes and brake presses, and an 8,000- sq.-ft. paint facility.

Arguably going above and beyond what other companies do to facilitate faster service, the company even maintains two airplanes to enable it to respond to jobs more quickly.

The result of all these strategies is apparent — Crisp has become a true aggregate industry specialist by offering a one-stop crushing shopping center.