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3600 Deepwater Terminal Road
Richmond, VA 23234

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  • Motley's Auctions was born in a dairy barn in Chester, Virginia.

    In this humble setting, Dick and PokeyMotley began Motley's Auction in 1967. The couplecontinued operations over the years at several locations, including the renowned U.S. Route 1 'Wigwam' in Glen Allen, Virginia, just north of Richmond. The Wigwam auctions continue to be remembered for both the unique items sold and the entertainment value the auctions provided, according to the Motleys Asset Disposition Group.

    Motleys Auctions Today

    Today, four specialized divisions make up Motleys Asset Disposition Group(acertified Virginia Small Business): Real Estate, Industrial, Business Assets andits sister company, Motley's Richmond Auto Auction, which is led by the second-generation President Mark T. Motley.

    Convenient Location

    From its corporate headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, located just off I-95, Motleys serves thousands of federal and local governments, public utilities, corporations, financial institutions, the legal community, executors, and business owners located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Motleys' staff includes members of the National and Virginia Auctioneers Associations who have earned various designations and certifications.

    Motley's Auction & Realty Group is affiliated with Sperry Van Ness International, a leading national commercial real estate brokerage.

    Motleys Asset Disposition Groupemploys more than60 full-and part-time employees dedicated to the auction and appraisal industry.Motley's headquarters is located at 3600 Deepwater Terminal Road, Richmond, VA 23234.

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    3600 Deepwater Terminal Road
    Richmond VA 23234
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    Fax: 804-232-3301

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    Google Map of Motleys Industrial 3600 Deepwater Terminal Road, Richmond, VA, 23234