East Introduces Lowest All-Aluminum Drop Deck Trailer

Thu March 08, 2012 - National Edition

Designed for increased payload versatility and better stability, East Manufacturing introduced an all-aluminum drop deck trailer with a low-slung 36 in. (91 cm) deck height.

“Specialty loads, particularly equipment loads, keep getting taller and taller,” noted Bill McKenzie, director of dealer development and flatbed products at East. “With the new low-height East drop deck there is less need for partial dismantling of the load to get it below the 13 feet 6 inch maximum legal height. So haulers have a lot more flexibility in terms of the loads they can haul both efficiently and profitably.”

An added advantage of the 36 in. drop deck height is its lower center of gravity. This provides the trailer with improved stability, which increases in value the more unusual the size and shape of the load, according to the manufacturer.

Because the new East low-slung drop deck is all-aluminum, it provides an ideal balance of strength and weight to allow even greater payload optimization. It is available in multi-axle configurations, in lengths up to 53 ft. (16 m).

For more information, call 888/405-3278 or visit www.eastmfg.com.