Etnyre Blacktopper Geared With Electric Heat Strips

Tue September 16, 2008 - National Edition

Tack truck operators can face a couple challenges in keeping liquid asphalt and emulsion at the correct application temperatures while traveling to different projects, waiting on demand for the tack and handling short loads.

Most distributors have on board heating capabilities using either fuel oil or propane burners and heating flues. The burner-flue system is good for harder faster heating but an operator cannot heat while in transit or while spraying and cannot use the burners when the flues are not fully covered with material. Often with tack applications, as the day wears on, the liquid in the tank loses temperature and the volume is reduced to a level below where safe burner-flue heating can be performed.

The Etnyre Blacktopper Centennial asphalt distributor offers an option for electric heat strips mounted to the belly of the asphalt tank. These electric heat strips give the contractor a number of additional heating choices. The electric heat strips can be plugged into a source of power for overnight heat maintenance or, with the optional onboard hydraulic driven generator, the electric heat strips can be energized as required in transit or while on the job. An additional circuit can be added to apply heat to the asphalt pump to assist in fast easy start ups. The electric heat strips are not intended to heat up cold asphalt or replace the burner-flue system but to supplement and help maintain temperatures.

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