Extec Screener Shows Carver New Production Highs

Wed February 11, 2004 - Northeast Edition

Carver Laraway is not from the “Show Me State.” His companies are based in New York State and have been experiencing astonishing growth. When one of his companies, Carver Sand & Gravel needed a screener for a very specific type of sand and gravel production, he wanted the machine to show him what it could do before he made the purchase.

Carver Sand & Gravel, in Halfmoon, NY, supplies products for use at Laraway’s ready-mix and asphalt plants located in Schoharie County. The specifications for the product made at those plants, requires very fine sand, which is finer than ordinarily produced for road sand.

To meet the required specifications, Laraway tested a screener but was unable to obtain the type of product he needed. In addition, there was a problem with the screens clogging and minimal production. Deciding against that particular unit, he then turned to Upstate Screens and Crushers Inc., which introduced him to the Extec S5 double screener.

When the Extec S5 was brought in for a demonstration, it showed Laraway that it could produce the one-eighth inch minus material as well as increase the company’s output. The entire demo lasted only a couple of hours before the deal was completed. With the Extec S5, Laraway expects Carver’s annual production to be in excess of 100,000 yds. of material.

The Extec S5 features a double screen consisting of two individual screening boxes, each with own separate drive and are independently angled. The split screening facility enables the first screen box to be used as fines extractor even for difficult fine wet material. The second box operates as a grader. As a result, the double screen process makes grades of material to the most precise specifications that can be required from a mobile screening system. In the area of the double screener, two rams easily open up the gap between the two screens to allow for easy access.

The Extec S5 also is a tracked screening system. The complete movement and setup can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. This increases flexibility within the pit in addition to saving time.

Another advantage to the tracked system is its ease of cleanup. The screener is rolled forward, then loaders can clean up fines around the area and the machine is put back into place. The entire process takes just a few minutes. Laraway purchased the Extec S5 with an optional bogie system. This system is the equivalent of having a lowboy trailer built into the screener, which makes transportation a virtual breeze.

The Extec S5 has a high-frequency vibrating grid that offers remote control tipping for ease of cleaning and a taper bar, which reduces clogging. So far, the screener has operated more than 800 hours without downtime other than scheduled maintenance.

“Maintenance on the machine is extremely easy and I’ve never seen screens as easy to change,” said Rick Meyers, the operator of the Extec S5.

Laraway has been very impressed with the reliability of the Extec machine and the service from Joe Sidonio, president of Upstate Screens and Crushers Inc. “Our screens are never plugging and production rates have increased dramatically,” said Laraway.

In addition to Carver Sand & Gravel, Laraway’s companies include Carver Construction, involved in several road and subdivision construction project and Carver Recycling, on-site custom crushing and recycling at sites along the east coast. He also owns two quarries and one sand and gravel pit.

For more information, call Joe Sidonio at 585/ 755-6238 or visit www.extecscreens.com.