Fecon Inc. Offers Stump Grinding Attachment for Hydraulic

Wed September 13, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Fecon Inc. recently introduced the Stump Hog, SH340 for reaching up and down slopes and other areas that can’t be reached by traditional stump grinding equipment.

Excavator-based stump grinders also are far more productive then traditional stump grinders and can move from stump to stump more efficiently, according to the manufacturer.

The SH340 has 90 cutting tools with large thick carbide tips that are patterned for maximum cutting action while protecting the wheel and each other from wear and foreign materials.

The 33 by 4.5 in. (84 by 11 cm) tip-to-tip cutting wheel uses the Sandvik Dura DiskTM II stump cutting system. Tools are independently changed with an impact wrench.

The SH340 requires 40 gpm when powered by a 20 ton excavator and can accommodate up to 100 gpm when powered by Fecon’s self-contained Power Pack. It also features complete plumbing with built-in hydraulic motor protection for plug-and-go installation.

For more information, call 800/528-3113 or visit www.fecon.com.