Felling’s New Hydraulic Dump Trailer Features Gas Engine

Mon June 02, 2008 - National Edition

Felling Trailers has designed the gas engine hydraulic dump trailer for consumers who use their dump trailers non-stop and can’t afford the delay a dead battery may cause.

The gas engine powered dump allows the user to work the dump all day without worrying if the battery will last the day. This feature works well for rental yards.

The gas engine will keep the trailer dumping with efficiency and speed day in and day out without the hassle of making sure a battery is fully charged for the next customer.

A compact engine powers each gas engine dump trailer with a hydraulic unit mounted in an enclosure located on the tongue of the trailer.

Additionally, the gas engine dump trailer has a remote to power the hydraulic dump box up/down. This feature would be useful to complete a job and still be ready to move on to the next site.

Felling Trailers manufactures a range of hydraulic dump trailers from the FT-6DT-E with a 6,000-lb. (2,700 kg) GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) to the FT-30-2 DT deck-over dump with either a Contractor’s Body or the Utility/Grain Body having a 40,000-lb. (18,100 kg) GVWR.

Felling Trailers also offers a multitude of options to customize a trailer to the consumer’s exact needs.

The company currently manufactures 3,000 plus trailers a year and is in the process of adding new technologies to increase production along with expanding the manufacturing plant.

For more information, call 800/245-2809 or visit www.felling.com.