Foundation Releases Self-Consolidating Concrete Formwork Pressure Study

Fri July 16, 2010 - National Edition

The RMC Research & Education Foundation has released its self-consolidating concrete (SCC) formwork pressure study, titled “Evaluation of SCC Formwork Pressure.” The project was conducted by the Université De Sherbrooke, Purdue University, Northwestern University and the CTL Group with co-funding from the American Concrete Institute’s Strategic Development Council (ACI-SDC).

The final report includes information, tools and test methods to help predict and decrease formwork pressure. It examines the impact that materials constituents, mix designs, concrete placement factors, geometry of formwork and temperature have on formwork pressure exerted by SCC.

“An important aspect of this project was the development of practical guidelines for lowering lateral pressure and the creation of a comprehensive report on SCC,” said Foundation Chairman Jim Repman, adding “Sometimes a stand-alone report isn’t enough. You need helpful tools, specific guidance and practical ways to encourage contractors and engineers to utilize the new information in the field for the research project to be truly successful, and I think we’ve done that here.”

Foundation Executive Director Julie Garbini noted that the cooperation and partnership of several organizations on this project was part of its appeal, saying “The fact that the original proposal was made as a group effort between several well-respected professionals from different organizations, along with the opportunity to partner with ACI-SDC, was a compelling factor for this project and demonstrates how collaboration among universities and industry can lead to success.”

The final report is available as an electronic copy on CD. A comprehensive Executive Summary may be viewed on the Foundation’s Web site at