GOMACO Improves Service With Remote Diagnostics Tool

Wed March 15, 2017 - National Edition

GOMACO remote diagnostics (GRD) gives owners the visibility of how, when and where their equipment is being used. It's a powerful extension to GOMACO's existing service capabilities and it allows technicians a diagnostic review of a GOMACO machine from corporate headquarters in Ida Grove, Iowa, at the owner's shop, or on the job site. GRD will transmit G+ settings, configuration and fault history for an immediate and complete diagnosis. GRD also allows software updates, fleet management, service indicators and so much more.

GOMACO personnel can use GRD to send software updates directly to the machine's G+ control system. This remote capability from GOMACO headquarters also allows software updates to the G+ for specific applications or unique jobsite logistics, such as new radius technology, support for new sensors, new code for 3D machine guidance technology, or additional updates for new product introductions.

GRD can be used for fleet management and the ability to keep track of GOMACO paving equipment throughout the season. Alerts for service indicators can be created to help develop a machine maintenance schedule, because machines that are properly maintained and serviced are less likely to develop mechanical problems. Alerts can be set for oil changes, filter changes, low fluids, or for a specific detail parameter of the machine, such as RPM is above idle.

GOMACO pavers can be equipped with the GSI (GOMACO smoothness indicator) to measure the smoothness of the newly paved concrete slab, on-the-go, right behind the paver. Using GRD, contractors now have the power to access the current status of the paver's smoothness performance on their mobile phone or computer. GOMACO personnel in Ida Grove also can monitor the real-time analysis of ride quality on the project as it is happening.

For more information, visit www.gomaco.com.

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