Grasan Offers Stationary Truss, Channel Frame Conveyors

Sat September 15, 2007 - National Edition

Grasan stationary truss and channel frame conveyors come in 24- to 60-in. (61 to 152 cm) belt widths and lengths from 25 to 500 ft. (7.6 to 152 m), complete with engineered drives and a variety of options such as walkways, covers, support legs, etc.

The standard truss main frames are 36 in. (91 cm) deep and all jig welded; truss sections are through-bolted for extra strength.

For long spans between supports, Grasan can furnish 48- or 60-in.-deep (122 or 152 cm) trusses with extra heavy chord angles. Truss frames are solvent cleaned, primed and finished with a durable top coat in standard or custom colors.

Grasan engineers size the conveyor and drive and recommend optional equipment based on applications. Standard truss conveyors use a 20-in.-diameter (51 cm), rubber-lagged drive pulley with QD tapered bushings; 2.4-in. (6.2 cm) or larger turned, ground and polished shafts; wing-type tail pulley tensioned with top angle protected screw take-ups; a 1.15 service factor TEFC electric motor; totally-enclosed drive guard; drive nip guards and tail pulley guards.

Typical applications include aggregate plants, mining, steel mills and other heavy-duty bulk material handling operations.

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