Grove TMS500E Erects Steel for Church in Mesa, Arizona

Thu October 10, 2002 - West Edition

S&H Steel Co. Inc., of Gilbert, AZ, handed all the steel erection for the Love of Christ Lutheran Church, Mesa, AZ, expansion to its existing facilities. Its new Center of Compassion, which opened this summer, includes performing arts, gym, nursery, classrooms, music room and other activity rooms.

The Grove TMS500E was one of two S&H cranes, the other a Grove rough terrain. The TMS500E is a 40 ton (36 t) with standard boom length of 95 ft. (29 m) and maximum tip height of 146 ft. (45 m). S&H has been in business for 21 years and does steel fabrication and erection exclusively and works primarily in Arizona. Brent Hamblin handles crane rental when other cranes are needed and also operates the S&H cranes.

He commented, “I’ve been in the crane business for 17 years and have operated all types of cranes. The Grove’s are smooth operating and I prefer them over anything else. We do a lot of work on the Navaho reservation on school projects and the Grove TMS500E gets us there quickly, sets up fast and is the right size for most of our jobs there.”

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