Hipower Systems Debuts Generators, Packages

The company also announced a new line of customizable cold pack-equipped generators, which are specially outfitted to withstand the rigors of temperatures from 32F to as low as minus 50F.

Wed May 28, 2014 - National Edition
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A generator on a trailer.
A generator on a trailer.
A generator on a trailer. This HRNG model is shown with a heavy duty sub base.

Hipower Systems, a manufacturer of power-generation and power distribution equipment worldwide, has debuted a new line of natural gas generators, including the HRNG-165, HRNG-230, HRNG-300 and HRNG-430 models. The company also announced a new line of customizable cold pack-equipped generators, which are specially outfitted to withstand the rigors of temperatures from 32F to as low as minus 50F. Although well-suited to all outdoor job sites, these generators and packages perform especially well on construction sites operating under extreme conditions.

Hipower Systems designed these portable units with superior durability and reliability, making them a perfect choice for demanding construction sites with varying load needs. The use of natural gas as the fuel source reduces emissions and helps construction contractors meet any local, state and national emissions compliance requirements.

Generator sets are powered by a radiator-cooled, long-life, heavy duty, industrial PSI-HD gaseous engine driving a single bearing, four-pole, three-phase alternator, with IP23 protection. These engines are capable of full rated load acceptance in one step and meet current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) non-road exhaust emission regulations.


Fully sound attenuated enclosure, fabricated in 11-gauge steel, powder coated with finish that exceeds 1000-hr salt spray test, curved edges, minimum outside fasteners.

• Ample layer of durable sound insulating material placed all around the inside of the container, doors and ducting with metal retainer frames. Can be cleaned by high-pressure water and is oil and fire resistant.

• Vertical air discharge for quiet operation.

• Wide, steel lockable access doors with rubber seals for easy access by all maintenance personnel and any necessary service by technicians. Stainless steel hinges, hardware and fasteners resist corrosion.


Digital control panel to operate all manual and automatic start and stop features. Many programmable automatic functions for local and remote controls with LED lights, tamper proof engine hour recorder with analog meters: voltmeter and switch, three (3) ammeters, Hz meter, fuel gauge and battery charger.

In the event a primary generator fails, Hipower generators can offer redundancy systems through paralleling switchgear installed on board, and operations can continue without a hitch.

A variety of optional equipment, including a voltage selector switch and an array of power distribution add-ons, make these units extremely versatile, according to the manufacturer.

Cold Pack Generator Packages

These packages ensure warm generator starts, greatly reducing engine stress and wear and battery demand. They also help operators surmount the considerable challenge of keeping generators running in cold temperatures.

Hipower Systems, which always recommends winter packs where generators will be running at 32F or below, incorporates a variety of options into its custom-designed winter packs, based upon anticipated operating conditions:

Battery Warmer — Battery warmers enclose generator batteries in a thermal wrap which keeps the battery at a constant 80F, boosting cranking power by as much as 75 percent and prolonging battery life.

Block Heater — Installed on the coolant circuit, block heaters keep the engine’s coolant warm enough to enable the unit to start and attain/maintain the required load immediately.

Hydronic Coolant Heater — The hydronic coolant heater gradually raises the engine’s coolant temperature, assuring even heating of the engine block. Powered by the generator’s own fuel and power supply, they can operate no matter where the generator is located.

Control Panel Box Heater — These heaters maintain temperatures inside enclosures above a minimum setting, prevent damage to sensitive control panel electronics that comes from the condensation that occurs under certain conditions.

Dumper Louvers — A low-leak, Class 1A (International Energy Conservation Code), extruded aluminum damper designed with airfoil blades for higher velocity and pressure HVAC systems. The thermostat-activated louver system with electronic stall protection opens and closes as needed to maintain an optimum operating temperature inside the generator enclosure.

Exterior Louvers — Installed on the roof of a generator enclosure, these louvers open and close based on the coolant temperature of the engine. This approach allows the engine to cool properly while keeping the enclosure temperature sufficiently warm.

Snow Hood Kit — Snow hoods are specially designed coverings that prevent snow accumulation inside the generator enclosure. With the snow hood kit, Hipower Systems also can relocate the air exhaust if necessary to prevent snow intrusion into the exhaust pipe without restricting air flow.

About Hipower Systems

Hipower Systems (the U.S. subsidiary of Himoinsa, S.L.) is the principal supplier of power distribution and prime, standalone power-generation equipment and packages to the United States and Canadian markets, serving the residential, commercial and industrial sectors including the agriculture, telecommunications, heath care and oil and gas industries. The company builds and customizes diesel generators from 8 kW to 3 mW and natural gas generators or alternative fuel/bi-fuel sets from 20 to 400 kW with a complete range of accessories, including automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, UL tanks, enclosures and power distribution equipment.

For more information, visit www.hipowersystems.com.

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