HydrauliCircuit Unveils Hydraulic Kit for Backhoes

Tue July 01, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Most auxiliary hydraulic kit suppliers have focused on increasing the versatility of crawler excavators. Rubber-tired backhoes were either ignored altogether or only simple kits (single-flow, single-acting) were offered to operate attachments such as breakers and compactors.

HydrauliCircuit Technology (HCT) based in Stockbridge, Ga., which designs auxiliary hydraulic kits for excavators, has expanded its product offering to include kits for the operation of a multitude of attachments on virtually all popular backhoes. In addition to the standard breaker and compactor kits, HCT kits are available to operate attachments such as thumbs, augers, bucket tilts and grapples to increase the versatility of a backhoe. Installation of a kit increases the capability of a backhoe so much that, in many instances, other expensive dedicated machines in the fleet may not be necessary, HCT officials said.

HCT is continually upgrading its designs with every new backhoe model that enters the marketplace. Components are chosen for reliability and durability and are engineered to withstand extreme-duty applications. HCT’s expertise with backhoe circuits has not gone unnoticed, as its engineering department has recently collaborated with several major manufacturers to design specialty kits from scratch or to augment factory kit capabilities.

HCT is currently refining the development of hydraulic kits to supply auxiliary circuits to the front (loader bucket) part of the backhoe, which will allow the operation of such attachments as 4-in-1 buckets and high-flow attachments, such as sweepers. These kits will be available soon.

HydrauliCircuit Technology boasts that their kits use only the highest quality components and are custom designed to match each machine and attachment. Most kit designs are based on actual in-house installations and come complete with detailed installation manuals that include photos, CAD drawings and step-by-step instructions. This assists in a successful installation experience by virtually anyone who possesses basic mechanical capability.

The company also stands by its products with a 2,000 hour or one year (whichever comes first) warranty. HCT said it provides a quick turnaround time for producing and shipping custom designed kits.

For more information, call 888/603-0080 or visit www.hctkits.com. CEG Staff

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