HydrauliCircuit Technology Inc., based in McDonough, Ga., has announced the recent addition of Greg Hickman as regional sales manager, with responsibilities in the central and western region of North America. Hickman’s extensive background in business development, account management, application sales, and product marketing spans more than 30 years.

For many years, hydraulic excavators were mostly dirt-digging machines. Over time, however, a huge number of attachments have been developed that have exponentially expanded the capabilities of the excavator. These attachments, which include items such as breakers, shears, thumbs, brush-cutters, augers and compactors, all require the installation of one or more additional (or auxiliary), hydraulic circuits that must be integrated into the existing hydraulic system.

Changing circuits to operate various attachments on multifunction kits typically requires the operator to step out of the cab and access various ball valves that have to be turned on or off. With the HydrauliCircuit Technology 3-mode joystick, this step is eliminated and operator only needs to choose the preset mode required to run the attachment at the end of the stick.

HydrauliCircuit Technology’s heavy-duty front window guard package provides an additional layer of protection against flying debris to the front window and operator. Constructed with a tubular frame for added strength, the crimped woven mesh guard can be bolted on newer model machines.

HydrauliCircuit Technology, McDonough, Ga., a leader in aftermarket hydraulic kits and accessories, has been supplying automatic breaker lubricating systems for many years. With recent refinements engineered into their newest hydraulic system, the company now produces a product that it feels may well be the world’s best hydraulic activated Breaker Autolube system available.

Most auxiliary hydraulic kit suppliers have focused on increasing the versatility of crawler excavators. Rubber-tired backhoes were either ignored altogether or only simple kits (single-flow, single-acting) were offered to operate attachments such as breakers and compactors.

After three years of research and development, HydrauliCircuit Technology Inc., based in Stockbridge, Ga., has developed a theft and vandalism deterrent device called the HydrauLok. Initially conceived as an anti-theft device, much of the interest in the concept centers around its ability to prevent unauthorized use.

Three years ago, HydrauliCircuit Technology’s David Perry was assembling and selling hydraulic kits for attachments from his garage in Jonesboro, GA. As business grew, so did his need for more space. In 1997, he moved to a 278.8-square-meter (3,000 sq.