Dominion Equipment Parts, LLC

A switchyard expansion job for a utility customer required at least a year-and-a-half commitment working around difficult job site limitations. Complicating factors including energized high-power overhead electrics, OSHA clearance requirements and narrow access to the work area left little room for machinery.

Having introduced the compact Fiori D40 articulated dumper to the U.S. market earlier this year, Dominion Equipment Parts LLC has now announced the availability of two similarly versatile, larger capacity models. The Fiori D70 SW and D100 SW dumper trucks with tipper body and swivel bed with 180-degree, trilateral dumping ability are based on robust, straight framed carriers with four-wheel steering (4WS).

Dominion Equipment Parts LLC has introduced the Italian-built Fiori articulated dumper line to the United States market. The first model to be made available is the Fiori D40, the most compact vehicle in its class, providing 180-degree bed rotation and three-way dumping in a package that is just over 13 feet long.

Dominion Equipment Parts LLC has opened warehouse facilities in Dallas, Texas, and Cincinnati, Ohio. “Our goal is to provide next day delivery for more of the customers we serve,” said Buck Seymour, vice president of Dominion. “Our customers have come to rely on Dominion for quality, selection and price.

Dominion Equipment Parts unveiled its over-the-tire tracks in February at the auctions in Florida. The newest component to the Virginia-based company’s line-up, the tracks allow contractors to take skid steers places they never could before, said Spokesman Chip Bukoski.

The Mid-April Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) held its annual spring meetings in Richmond, VA, on April 17 to 19. The meetings were well represented by all aggregate producers in the region, which provided an excellent opportunity for producers to educate themselves in seminars.