After a 23-year relationship between IHI Agri-Tech Corporation (IAT) and Perkins Engines Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. , Perkins and its affiliates have agreed to purchase IAT's remaining share of the joint venture.

Kato Works Co., Ltd. and IHI Corporation Ltd., have signed a stock transfer contract today agreeing to transfer 100% shares of IHI Construction Machinery Ltd. from IHI to Kato. According to the company, Kato expects that the product line-up will be enhanced in the synergy effects between their products and IK products such as mini-excavators, crawler cranes and other crawler equipment.

Representatives from Terex’s Cranes Division and IHI Construction Machinery Limited gathered to celebrate the production of the 500th crane delivered to Terex Cranes Dec. 3. Attendees representing Terex Cranes were Steve Filipov, president, Terex Cranes; Doug Friesen, vice president and general manager North America; Scott Smith, director of sales; and Jim Strobush, sales support manager.

On Oct. 24, representatives from Terex Cranes and IHI Construction Machinery Limited gathered to celebrate the completion of the 300th crane produced and sold to Terex Cranes, Wilmington Operations. The celebration was held at Palace Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.