Nye Manufacturing Ltd. builds heavy-duty construction and demolition attachments that are almost as tough as company founder Jack Nye. Extremely durable, innovative and precise — that describes both the man and the products of the Canadian manufacturing company he launched 68 years ago in Ontario.

American commerce was built on the close, personal relationships developed between companies or between a company and its customers. To be successful, each party mutually benefits from the business exchange. Though it may sound quaint to some, commerce still runs best when done the old-fashioned way: keeping up either a face-to-face contact or, at the very least in 2019, a personal phone, text or email exchange.

On a redevelopment site in Perth Amboy, N.J., crews are repurposing a piece of history. The job: break down pieces of the old Tappan Zee Bridge to build up a 35-acre site situated on the banks of Arthur Kill, which flows into the Raritan Bay. The site is located on a flood plain, and before it can be repurposed, it needs to be built up between four and eight feet, said Jason Burke, owner of Burke Construction of Ocean, N.J., who has been contracted to spread imported fill across the property.

Morgan Asphalt of Salt Lake City, Utah, has expanded far beyond its namesake and into a full service infrastructure company that reports that its quality of customer service is rivaled only by the quality product it delivers. Founded in 1996 by Thomas Morgan, Morgan Asphalt is known throughout the industry for its ability to install complicated underground utilities and lay a smooth surface, all while maintaining a tight and efficient schedule.

Brian Thomas, owner of the BLT Companies in Yuma, Ariz., got into the business of recycling concrete largely out of necessity. As a supplier of Ready Mix Concrete, he often had waste, which ended up in his company yard. “You multiply it over time and you have a big mess,” Thomas said.

The memory is still fresh enough to make Nick Wylie cringe. J. Pettiecord Inc. crews were hard at work clearing 30 acres of trees along a new rail line when the shear they were using to process stumps broke. In an instant, work came to a standstill and it stayed that way for three weeks while crews waited for the shear to be re-welded and repaired.

Nye manufacturing’s composite cutting edge for excavator and loader buckets features the toughness of QT (quenched and tempered alloy) and the abrasion resistance of AR (Abrasion Resistant Heat Treated Alloy) to come up with the Duralam cutting edge.

The MOAR (Mother of all rippers) is a new concept in heavy duty ripping from Nye. These rippers are built with extra steel plates to make them super heavy, the extra weight is additive to the carriers downward force, yielding enhanced penetration and performance.

The Nye XCG2 Series contractors grapple, designed primarily for demolition work, also tackles crushing/loading garbage, wood waste and construction debris. The XCG2 line features complex internal bridging and gussets, tips made of AR400 with improved geometry for better penetration, and tines made from QT100, serrated on the sides for improved gripping/pulling of material.

Nye’s XCP3 “High Five” series heavy duty concrete pulverizer is designed for both primary and secondary crushing operations. Nye pulverizers are built entirely from extra thick quenched and tempered alloy plate. The XCP3 series features biomimetic crushing jaws, including canine fangs for grasping and puncturing material and at the same time protecting the noseplate.

Nye XSH4 series heavy duty stump harvesters are designed to slice through the nastiest of stumps, grub out all the roots and split large hardwood logs both lengthwise and crosswise with ease. The new XSH4 series features: oversize alloy pins and super hard alu-bronze bushings; a massive torque tube that absorbs twist; a strong cutting blade made from hardened QT100; a hard faced cutting edge; a splitter point with improved geometry for efficient splitting in any direction; side plates with serrated edges for better grip and control; and customers choice of teeth for ripping, prying and digging.