Introducing the Terex SK 452-20 HammerHEAD Tower Crane

Wed March 08, 2017 - National Edition

Terex SK 452-20 HammerHEAD Tower Crane
Terex SK 452-20 HammerHEAD Tower Crane

Terex Cranes has upgraded its line of tower cranes with the addition of the new Terex SK 452-20 hammerhead tower crane. Featuring several mechanical and structural enhancements, the SK 452-20 hammerhead tower crane has a maximum capacity of 20 tonnes (22 US tons) and a jib tip capacity of 2.5 tonnes (2.75 US tons). Equipped with a new hoist winch system, the SK 452-20 boasts a maximum hoisting speed of 190 m/min (623 ft/min) and higher drum capacity of 990 m (3,248 ft).

“The SK 452-20 is a new model based on our popular SK 415-20 and our customers had an important role on the development phase,” said Angelo Cosmo, product marketing manager at Terex Cranes. “We've increased winch speeds by 70 percent and the crane's rope capacity by 90 percent — the equivalent of an additional 30 floors of working under hook. We've also made structural changes that will make set up and transportation faster and easier. These enhancements will help contractors lower operating costs while getting a high return-on-investment."

The new hoist winch on the SK 452-20 hammerhead tower crane is built using proven technology to aid the operator in working safely and efficiently. The hoist AC motor uses an inverter drive for smooth movements and lifting precision, while a closed loop motor control system provides redundancy by continuously controlling input/output and informing the operator of the crane's status. Limit switches are calibrated electronically from the cabin. The hoist winch is mounted on an independent frame that is easy to assemble and disassemble and reduces the crane's upper parts transportation costs by utilizing more efficient transport containers.

The new slewing system consists of three 7.5 kW (10 hp) motors that provide slewing capabilities of 0.99 rpm. The design consists of one inverter drive for all 3 motors. The slewing system is equipped with an automatic greasing system for ease of maintenance.

The platform on the SK 452-20 crane's counter jib has been reconfigured to increase the working area for technicians when assembling/dismantling and performing maintenance. It uses built-in cable ducts to reduce cable clutter. Also, the connection of the hoist unit and counter jib is made using two pins on the back of the unit for quick engagement for transporting. Handrails flip down to reduce assembling efforts and transport size.

The Terex SK 452-20 unit can be erected on two different tower systems: TS212 and HD23. Maximum free standing height on standard configuration is 88.7m (291ft); combination of different towers are also available given the possibility to the customers of several under hook height options to meet diversified job site requirements. The crane's pre-assembled aluminum ladder is up to 70 percent lighter than previous ones, which eliminates the need for auxiliary tools or a crane to move or assemble the ladder.

The Terex EVO15 cabin on the SK 452-20 crane includes five large windows for outstanding visibility, and a 17.8 cm (7-in) full-color, anti-glare, multi-language display, with all the information the operator will need during a lift and for troubleshooting. The new configurable and ergonomic joystick controls give the operator precise maneuvering of loads. The crane's trolley and counter-jib can also be outfitted with cameras and adjusted from the cab for jobsite visibility. The crane is also ready for remote monitoring.

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