JCB Boosts Performance on Three Backhoe Models

Tue July 01, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

JCB has made improvements to the 3C, 3CX and 4CX models. These machines have high digging forces and the compact midi CX now has a fully enclosed cab.

The 3C now has a redesigned canopy to make it available with or without a front windshield, of particular importance to customers in North America, according to the manufacturer.

Revised gearing allows the 3C to achieve road travel speeds to 22 mph (35 kmh), with added servo brakes to reduce operator pedal effort. The front of the machine has undergone a redesign as well, with the addition of front nose protection to prevent damage during truck loading operations.

U.S. Manufacture

Built in the USA at the JCB facility in Savannah, Ga., the 3C benefits from redesigned loader arm geometry, which provides greater dump angles and increased roll back, for increased material retention. V-shaped side panels on the loader bucket make it easier for the operator to carry lengths of pipe, a feature that adds to the versatility of this multipurpose machine.

JCB’s 3CX now features JCB’s Tier III Dieselmax engine. Both EPA and CARB-compliant, the Dieselmax engine is offered with either 92 hp (68 kW) or 100 hp (74.5 kW) as an option. The engine benefits from increased torque, providing more low down power and instant rimpull when loading and dozing.

JCB also has improved backhoe bucket breakout for the 3CX by 18 percent. Dipper arm breakout is up 10 percent, and the company has boosted dipper and boom lift capacities by 10 percent. At the front of the machine, there is a 15 percent improvement in bucket breakout force and a 4 percent increase in loader arm lift capacity.

The 3CX has revised auxiliary hydraulic circuits that allow operators to choose between single-direction attachments, such as hydraulic breakers, and bi-directional implements such as tilting and rotating buckets. Again responding to customer feedback, JCB has reduced hydraulic circuit cycle times by up to 50 percent on certain functions to improve overall cycle times.

Both the 3CX and the 4CX models feature an improved air conditioning system and an operator’s seat that is 25 percent larger than on previous models, adding to operator comfort. The optional precision controls on both machines also are improved, making them easier to operate, reducing cycle times by 9 percent and boosting productivity.

Hydraulic Thumb

JCB has developed its first factory-fitted hydraulic thumb attachment for both fixed and extending dipper arm backhoes. Mounting the thumb attachment directly to the sliding inner section of the extending dipper allows the operator to grab materials with the thumb and bucket without damaging the inner section of the dipper stick. The thumb can be fitted on JCB’s entire range of full size backhoes. The new thumb increases the machine’s versatility allowing operators to pick up and move material on the job site.

Midi CX

The latest addition to JCB’s backhoe range is now available with a fully enclosed cab. The Midi CX, which sits between the compact Mini CX, and the larger all-wheel steer 2CX, is an ideal solution for municipalities, rental companies, utility workers, landscaping contractors and general contractors.

The Midi CX boasts a removable backhoe and a conventional three-point linkage and power take-off, providing a drive system for a wide range of tractor attachments. This adds to the versatility of this compact machine.

Powered by a 50 hp (37.3 kW) naturally-aspirated diesel engine, the Midi CX uses a two speed hydrostatic transmission to provide travel speeds up to 17.5 mph (28 kmh). That power is transmitted to the ground through a four wheel drive system with an automatic limited slip differential for maximum drive in difficult conditions.

The machine has a spacious cab with a rear window design that keeps the cab fully enclosed even when the backhoe is removed. The rear window can be stowed in the roof of the cab, projecting over the rear to provide rain protection for the operator.

Side opening windows and a cab heater are standard and air conditioning is an option. Due to the sloping engine cover, extensive glass area and front and rear working lights, the operator has an excellent view all round the machine whatever the working conditions, according to the manufacturer.

Single and bi-directional auxiliary hydraulics are available to power a wide range of attachments. A creep speed control on the transmission allows the operator to set the travel speed independently of the power take-off drive speed.

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