John Deere’s Open Disc Scraper Brake

Wed June 20, 2007 - National Edition

John Deere’s heavy-duty, open disc scraper brake option for 18- and 21-cu. yd. (13.7 and 16 cu m) scrapers provides stopping power on inclines.

“Our new scraper brakes are ideal in mining applications or other jobs that require transporting on inclines,” said Kent Stickler, product consultant, scraper tractors and scrapers, John Deere Construction & Forestry Company.

“The system reduces dependency on tractor brakes and allows for shorter stopping distances, whether the scraper is fully loaded or empty. It all adds up to excellent performance on the job site with reduced maintenance, since there’s less stress on the tractor brakes.”

The scraper brakes are equipped with fixed-mount, dual-opposition, self-retracting pistons and heavy-duty seals for long life. Steel hydraulic lines are routed along the mainframe of the scraper, delivering improved responsiveness and reliability versus rubber hoses, according to the manufacturer.

The scraper brakes are activated by the tractor’s brake pedal. The brakes are effective in both single and tandem scraper jobs, and are approved for applications in which ISO, ASAE and MSHA standards are required.

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