KCMA Introduces 90Z7 Tier IV Final Kawasaki?KCM Wheel Loader

Mon February 29, 2016 - National Edition

The Kawasaki 90Z7 Tier IV Final wheel loader has features engineered to provide increased efficiency and productivity.
The Kawasaki 90Z7 Tier IV Final wheel loader has features engineered to provide increased efficiency and productivity.

KCMA Corporation, the marketer of Kawasaki‐KCM wheel loaders in North America, announced its first entry into the Tier IV Final wheel loader market. Following the success of the 90Z7 Tier 4i wheel loader, this new loader offers additional features engineered to provide increased efficiency and productivity. With the return to Cummins engines, the Cummins QSL9 provides 275 net hp and is DPF free. The SCR technology implemented in this model runs cleaner and requires less maintenance while providing an additional fuel savings over the Tier IVi model. DEF fluid consumption remains low at under 3 percent of fuel usage, according to the manufacturer.

Several new features contribute to the power and productivity of the 90Z7 T4F. Starting at the front of the loader, a new high efficiency bucket design provides increased penetration and material retention. The fuel efficient open‐center hydraulics system uses variable displacement piston pumps and provides excellent performance, even at low engine speeds. And the standard lock‐up torque converter available in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear is very fuel efficient while providing great hill climbing performance.

Power is in the operator's hands at all times. Whether using normal or power modes, a temporary quick power function provides that momentary increase in power resulting in quicker cycle times. The flexshift feature also assists in improving cycle times. With increased sensors, and new logic, this system responds to the working conditions and balances the proper speed and rimpull, according to the manufacturer.

The operator is provided a comfortable, productive atmosphere with enhanced visibility and access to controls. A full color LCD multi‐function display provides clear, concise information allowing the operator to customize or standardize settings.

Diagnostic systems have been improved to allow for more detailed data access to troubleshoot issues quickly and accurately. Serviceability is improved with easy access to the engine, cooling system cores, and filters. Oil change intervals have been increased for the engine and hydraulic systems to reduce overall operating costs. Cooling fan efficiency is improved with aerodynamic designs to improve air flow and cooling efficiency.

The standard telematics system KCMA Global e‐Service, monitors and collects operating data and alerts, which it transmits to equipment managers, owners, and dealer personnel allowing for a pro‐active and efficient management of fleets, maintenance schedules and operating efficiencies.

For more information, visit www.kcmcorp.com.