Kubota Prototype Micro-Hybrid System Featured at ConExpo

Fri April 17, 2020 - National Edition

Kubota Engine America's prototype of its micro-hybrid system made its North American debut at ConExpo 2020.

Kubota's micro-hybrid system provides power assistance instantaneously during peak overloads to the engine providing an additional electrical power boost of up to 10 kW. The immediate torque offers an efficiency boost at the most crucial time while recuperating and recharging its battery pack when not initiated.

Kubota first demonstrated its concept at Intermat, in France, April 2018. In 2019, at bauma, Kubota displayed the prototype system installed in a forklift.

The micro-hybrid system started with the 1.8 liter engine and now it has expanded to a larger 3.3 liter engine. The peripheral key components, such as DC-DC converter and 48V lithium ion battery also have been enhanced.

"Kubota's micro-hybrid system allows for engine downsizing with maintaining performance,productivity and efficiency," Tomokazu Matsushita, president of Kubota Engine America, said. "The enhancement of the lineup will provide benefits to more OEM customers and equipment users."

For more information, visit kubotaengine.com.