Liebherr USA Sponsors Live DEMOlition Event, Showcases Machines at Demolition Rockies 2019

Fri March 08, 2019 - National Edition

L556 XPower Wheel loader
L556 XPower Wheel loader
L556 XPower Wheel loader R 950 High Reach Demolition Excavator The R 950 LDC safety system touch screen.

Liebherr USA, Co. Construction Equipment division is once again the official sponsor of National Demolition Association's Live DEMOlition event at the Demolition Rockies 2019 trade show. This year, Liebherr will feature a lineup of five machines: the R 950 High Reach Demolition Excavator, the R 946, R 936 and R 926 Crawler Excavators and the A 924 Excavator.

Demolition Rockies 2019 takes place March 22-25, 2019, at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Aurora, Colo. On Saturday, March 23, registered operators will have an opportunity to operate all five machines, which will be equipped with cutting, shearing and grappling tools. The LiveDEMO event is at Adams County Regional Park in Brighton, Colo. They also will feature a children's section with remote control equipment. Attendees will have the chance to walk around the L556 XPower Wheel Loader at booth #512 at the convention center starting at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 23.

R 950 High Reach Demolition Excavator – Fast, Efficient and Safe

R 950 High Reach Demolition Excavator

Liebherr High Reach Excavators, such as the R 950, are purpose built for selective deconstruction of large industrial buildings. The entire machine, including the demolition front, is designed and manufactured by Liebherr. The Liebherr Demolition Control – or LDC system – monitors the safety and stability of the high reach while it's working. This system provides touch screen access, similar to what we is used in the company's cranes, to continuously monitor the high reach and any attachment through strategically positioned sensors. It provides safe working envelope information to the operator and automatically prevents over reaching the machine until the high reach excavator is put back into a safe working position.

Liebherr's LDC safety system on high reach excavators has two available modes. In restricted mode, operators are unable to put the machine into unsafe positions. When the high reaches limitation is set, the operator cannot proceed further until the excavator is in a safe position. For more experienced operators, the machine can be operated without restrictions in supervisor mode.

Most operators run the machine in restricted mode until they learn the excavator's limits. Liebherr product specialists familiarize operators with all of the controls and safety systems upon delivery of the machine. By working from the ground, a Liebherr High Reach can eliminate the need of having another piece of equipment on site to take down a structure below 15 feet. A machine such as the R 950, that can work in a 360 degree radius, is useful on tight job sites and makes installing attachments easier.

The R 950 is Versatile and Easy to Transport

Liebherr High Reach Excavators have a plug-in boom section where the high reach attachment is mounted, allowing the machine to be used for multiple tasks. Liebherr also offers a backhoe attachment that can be used as a standard earthmoving boom or a straight boom for more reach. A camera provides visibility to the operator when tools are placed inside structures and gives the operator a better view at all times when the end of the tool is out of sight.

The machine also accepts a material handling plug in-boom that is equipped with two stick cylinders, which provides the capability of handling a heavier tool. Boom extensions for the attachments are available. Changing between attachments is done with a multi coupling quick-change system – attachment changes can be done in 30 to 45 minutes. Liebherr's R 950 is large enough for major jobs with 83 feet of reach and the capability to handle a 7,720-lb. tool.

Despite its size, the R 950 is easily transportable thanks to a hydraulically expandable undercarriage. This undercarriage makes the machine easier to move to and from job sites because it retracts the undercarriage width. It also can expand to create a wider footprint, which enhances stability. The wider foot print makes the machine more stable when working.

The R 950 LDC safety system touch screen.

Manage Hydraulic Coupling With the Push of a Button

The R 946 is the perfect machine for either second third member demolition tools. Going from second member to third member demolition tools can done with ease on this machine with the press of the button. By just pushing a button, the summation of the bucket hydraulics and additional auxiliary hydraulics needed for a second member shear is done. The R 946 also features casting in all high stress areas to reduce the risk of failure in heavy demolition applications.

The L 556 XPower Wheel Loader Offers Reduced Operating Costs, Lower Fuel Consumption

The innovative Liebherr-XPower driveline considerably increases working efficiency. Quick working cycles, high tipping loads and high machine uptime lead to increased handling capacity and higher productivity. Come by and take a tour of the L556 XPower Wheel Loader at booth #512 at Demolition Rockies 2019.

The Liebherr-XPower driveline with Liebherr-Power-Efficiency achieves a 30 percent reduction in fuel consumption when compared to conventional travel drivelines. At highest efficiency, this reduces operating costs and increases profitability. The XPower driveline brakes automatically. The service brake acts only as a support and is subject to minimal wear.

Wheel spin on the Liebherr L556 wheel loader is prevented through continuous tractive effort control of the XPower driveline, combined with automatic self-locking differentials. Productivity is increased and tire wear reduced by up to 25 percent.

A Foundation of Design is Safety, Comfort and Ease of Use

In addition, the L556 XPower wheel loader on display at the indoor exhibit booth will feature Liebherr‘s full guarding package. The package protects vital undercarriage areas of the machine, the tilt cylinder, windshield and lighting. The wheel loader also features a particle protection and air pre-cleaner. We have also equipped the unit with solid tires, to provide a complete package ready for any demolition environment.

The L 556 Xpower has safe and easy engine accessibility for daily checks. Critical maintenance points on the loader can be reached quickly, providing faster turnarounds and higher uptimes. And with a width of 8 ft, 10 in., length of approximately 29 ft. and weight of 51,030 lbs., the machine's profile is designed for the necessity of road transport.

Liebherr's cab design is adapted to the operator's day-to-day requirements. The roomy and ergonomic operator‘s cab offers the perfect conditions for comfortable and productive work. Controls are user-friendly and operation-relevant data can be easily viewed and understood.

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