VIDEO: McCann Hosts Bucher Sweeper Demo in Bolingbrook

Tue November 10, 2020 - Midwest Edition #23

The Bucher VT652 vacuum sweeper goes to work at the demo and training event held at McCann Industries’ Bolingbrook, Ill., facility. Jason Coover, regional sales manager of Bucher Municipal North America, goes over all the features of the Bucher VT652 vacuum sweeper.
(L-R): Dennis Tovar of McCann Industries welcomes Jeff Allen and John Kovaka to the Bucher Municipal demo and training event.
(L-R): Bob Schiller, John Marchand and Ken Schmidt of McCann Industries are ready see what the Bucher Municipal sweeper can do.
Ray Sullivan (L) of McCann Industries and Robert Griffith braved the weather to see the Bucher CityCat 5006 in action.
Looking over the Bucher CityCat 5006 (L-R) are Ray Salisbury, Dennis Tovar of McCann Industries and Anthony Butera.
Steve Costello (C) of McCann Industries answers questions about the Bucher CityCat 5006 from Patrick Miller (L) and Brian Fahnstrom.
JR Boerner (C) of McCann Industries discusses the many features of the Bucher VT65 vacuum sweeper with John Muir (L) and Mike Goist.
George Prescott (L) and Ken Schmidt of McCann Industries talk about the Bucher sweeper models that McCann Industries now carries.

McCann Industries offered customers a chance to see Bucher Municipal sweepers in action. The demonstration and training event was held at McCann's Bolingbrook, Ill., facility on Oct. 27.

"McCann is really proud to take on the Bucher Municipal line," said Jay Courtney, equipment division manager of McCann Industries. "Johnston Sweeper has been a part of Bucher since 2005 and Johnston Sweepers has been in existence since it started as Johnston Brothers in 1904."

Two of the models at the demonstration included the CityCat 5006 and the VT652 vacuum sweeper truck.

The CityCat offers 235-gal. water capacity; an 8-ft. sweep path for two brushes; an 11.5-ft. sweep path for three brushes; a 7.3-cu. yd. stainless steel hopper; and a payload capacity of 11,025 lbs.

The VT652 has a 415-gal. water capacity; a 16-in. wide sweep brush; an 8.5-cu. yd. stainless steel hopper; and 50-gal. fuel tank.

McCann Industries — with 10 locations throughout Chicagoland, Indiana and Michigan — represents the full line of Bucher Municipal sweepers, which includes truck-mounted mechanical broom sweepers, pure vacuum sweepers and regenerative air sweepers. These are used for a variety of applications, including cleaning up debris and leaf pick-up.

"I believe that Bucher Municipal and McCann Industries is a combination of the highest quality sweepers with the best in class service and support," said Jason Coover, regional sales manager of Bucher Municipal.

Coover said Bucher Municipal has put together "5 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Street Sweeper," to educate customers on which sweeper is best for them. For more information, visit

Johnston Sweepers made itself known in the United States in the late 1970s. When Bucher Municipal bought Johnston in 2005, it was looking to introduce additional products and has since moved the Johnston Sweeper line into its product line.

"Through our coverage in the tri-state area, McCann became aware that municipalities were looking for other potential vendors for sweeping products, so that is what brought Bucher Municipal and McCann Industries together," said Courtney.

"Two big names joining forces to deliver big solutions to the Chicago metro," said Coover.

For more information, visit and CEG

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