Metso’s Triple Slope Screen Keeps Products Separated

Wed June 18, 2008 - National Edition
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Metso Minerals’s Triple Slope (TS) 4.3 screen was engineered to provide product separation and stratification with high efficiency rates. The TS is built with modular deck frames and offers thick side plates with huck-bolt constructions that provides maximum durability and reliability. Metso screens offering the TS feature the MV modular vibrator that creates a no bearing change out environment for the customer.

Triple Slope Design Increases Capacity

The TS 4.3 is engineered with multislope technology, a three modular deck design at varying angles. The modular vibrator is located at the top of the screen body unlike a conventional incline screen. These two combined features create a unique variable elliptical throw pattern for this screen.

Upon entering the screen, the material starts at a fast speed, creating optimal separation of the fines. As the material moves along the modular decks on the screen the speed rate decreases and the throw pattern even reverses at the discharge end, creating the highest efficiency. This variable motion and throw creates the desired stratification and separation. This all equates to more products on the sell pile, according to the manufacturer.

The TS 4.3 screen was designed outside the constraints of size. Conventional screens are described by size and dimension to determine the capacity of that screen. Metso Minerals has taken the screen dimensions out of the quotation. The TS 4.3 handles 40 percent more capacity than the conventional inclined screen of the same size, according to the manufacturer.

MV Technology

The TS Screen has four bearings per shaft line, providing high bearing life without adding unnecessary weight to the machine. These bearings are kept safe from cross contamination inside the MV modular vibrator unit.

The modular vibrator is a real cartridge design that is the machine’s hallmark for safety and ease of operation. After several years of operating a TS Screen, the MV unit can be replaced with a new unit returning the screen back to start-up quality. The MV unit is easily removed and replaced with a new unit creating a no bearing change-out environment. Combining the no bearing change-out with a once a week grease maintenance schedule means fewer maintenance hours, limiting the risk of an accident and decreasing operational costs.

The TS Screen has an easy and safe stroke adjustment, according to the manufacturer. The MV Unit has a lightweight aluminum end cap that can be removed by hand facilitating counterweight adjustments and inspections.

Environmentally Friendly Features

The TS 4.3 also is engineered with environmentally friendly features.

The TS screen utilizes rubber spring suspension that adds a factor of safety and reduces noise levels. Synthetic media decreases noise levels and provides longer service life that conventional wire media. Standard rubber lined feed box and discharge lip liners participate in noise level reduction.

The TS screen comes ready from the factory for dust encapsulation. The MV vibrator is grease lubricated, so there is no oil to be disposed. There are four bearings per shaft-line equating to dramatic reduction in power consumption. Most TS screens can be operated with one drive motor ILO the traditional two required.

Options available for the TS screen include:

• Automatic grease unit available with a two for four year reservoir.

• Dust sealing encapsulation kit.

• Rubber protected cross-members.

• Wet spray system. Spray pipe / inspection ports are standard. Spray pipes are located under cross-members for improved life.

• All media options: Rubber, Polyurethane and wire cloth.

For more information, call 262/717-2500 or visit

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