Murphy Tractor Hosts Annual Golf Scramble

Fri August 31, 2012 - Midwest Edition

(L-R): The combined effort of Mike Cellar, Nate Spicer, Lyle Goering and Shaun Hubler earned second place.
(L-R): The combined effort of Mike Cellar, Nate Spicer, Lyle Goering and Shaun Hubler earned second place.
(L-R): The combined effort of Mike Cellar, Nate Spicer, Lyle Goering and Shaun Hubler earned second place. (L-R): The winning team of Troy Richardson, Andy Womack, Mike Bellick and Eric Richardson pose for a picture. This John Deere 323D track loader was the Hole-in-One prize. Attendees enjoy lunch after their round of golf for the day. The golf event provided a great chance to have some fun while talking a little business. One of the participants tees off at the start of the scramble. (L-R): The team of Tyler Greer, Tom Saffel, John Reimer and Randy Case finished in third in the scramble. Noe Ortiz poses with his driver as a prize for sinking the longest putt. Nailing the longest drive of the day earned John Reimer a new putter. Jay Jones is ready to put his Stihl trimmer door prize to use. (L-R): Brian Basgall, Roger Bennett, Kevin Crippen and Kevin Earnest of P.B. Hoidale Co. Inc. are having a great time. (L-R): The team of Curtis Mead, Amy Koehler, Richard Jefferson and Jeff Gaona of ISG Technology are ready to take on all challengers. Customers of APAC, along with Chadd Blackwood, territory sales manager of Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc., look to make par at one of the course’s holes.

Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc. held its annual Golf Scramble, at Cherry Oaks Golf Course, in Cheney, Kan., on Aug. 17. Tournament participants were eligible to win a John Deere 323D track loader, at the Hole-in-One Contest on hole no. 2. The track loader is equipped with many uptime-enhancing features, such as: best-in-class visibility, a modern cooling system and steel-reinforced tracks to provide enhanced traction, longevity and breakout force, according to the manufacturer.

“All 120 attendees enjoyed the beautiful weather the day of the event, and we would like to give a huge thank you to all our sponsors. We look forward to hosting the tournament again next year.” said Eric Timken, compact equipment sales manager, Park City, Kan. The top three teams were awarded Cherry Oaks Pro-Shop gift certificates.

A Stihl trimmer also was awarded as a door prize to Jay Jones of Bell Township, whose name was drawn during lunch. Winning a driver for the longest putt was Noe Ortiz, Becker Tire. Winning a putter for the longest drive was John Reimer, King Enterprise Group Inc.

First Place Team (Volvo Rents):

• Mike Bellick

• Andy Womack

• Eric Richardson

• Troy Richardson

Second Place Team (ICM Inc.):

• Lyle Goering

• Shaun Hubler

• Nate Spicer

• Mike Cellar

Third Place Team (King Enterprise Group Inc. and Randy Case, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. Inc.):

• Randy Case

• Tom Saffel

• Tyler Greer

• John Reimer

Murphy Tractor and Equipment Co. Inc., one of John Deere’s largest North American construction equipment dealer organizations, is headquartered in Park City, Kan. The organization has 28 locations throughout the mid-western states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nebraska.

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