MyShaleWell Aims to Alleviate Drilling Issues by Connecting Communities

Fri October 03, 2014 - Northeast Edition

Manish Gorawala presents MyShaleWell.
Manish Gorawala presents MyShaleWell.

Landowners across America — and especially in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region — have been leasing their land to allow drilling companies to extract natural gas. The deals come with potentially lucrative benefits, but also risk and responsibility.

The way Manish Gorawala saw it, no one was handling the responsibility part very well.

“I found a lot of issues with the logistics, management, efficiency and giving access to the site data to all the players in the industry easily,” said the MyShaleWell founder and CEO. “I wanted to make that data easily accessible and transparent. Basically, MyShaleWell is a platform to manage well sites effectively.”

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