New Version of Vögele's Big MultiPlex Ski Features Innovative Sensors

Fri January 18, 2019 - Northeast Edition #2

The new version of the Vögele Big MultiPlex Ski sensor system can be assembled particularly quickly and easily by one person in seven minutes.
The new version of the Vögele Big MultiPlex Ski sensor system can be assembled particularly quickly and easily by one person in seven minutes.

They are bright green and integrate many benefits as standard that will make work easier for users: the latest generation of sensors for grade and slope control from Vögele. Whether on their own or in combination with the new Big MultiPlex Ski, they deliver optimal results in asphalt paving.

From narrow radii when constructing roundabouts to long straights on trunk roads — the requirements on sensors for grade and slope control can vary enormously, depending on the particular job. Vögele is responding with a comprehensive range of sensors encompassing various mechanical and sonic sensors and the Big MultiPlex Ski sensor system. The global market leader is thus delivering maximum evenness and truth to line and level, criteria that play a central role in the quality of asphalt paving. The new generation of grade and slope control technology integrates innovative practical details and simplifies the process of connecting and using the sensors — benefits that pay off particularly well with the new Big MultiPlex Ski.

New Version of the Big MultiPlex Ski: Easy Assembly in Seven Minutes

The Big MultiPlex Ski from Vögele is a sensor system used frequently across the world. It is intended for jobs where absolute evenness in the longitudinal direction is essential. Now Vögele's engineers have completely revamped the Big MultiPlex Ski. They focused on simplifying assembly, handling and transport, so now one person can attach it completely in just seven minutes. That's due especially to the newly developed clamping fasteners, which allow completely tool-less attachment. To ensure that all parts are to hand at all times and are transported safely, the new Big MultiPlex Ski comes with a convenient transport box.

The Big-MultiPlex-Ski operates as standard with 3 multi-cell sonic sensors fitted to a beam 16.4 to 42.6 ft. in length. Up to five sensors can be connected to it, depending on the application. Vögele's Niveltronic, the system for automated grade and slope control, calculates a mean from the measurements recorded across the entire measuring range, making up for any unevenness over long distances.

Ergonomic Bracket System Accelerates Start-Up

It is not only the Big MultiPlex Ski that has the new clamping fasteners: the brackets for individual sensors also rely on this technology. This means that all sensors of the new generation — whether in the mechanical version as a ski or the non-contacting sonic sensors — can now be attached quickly and easily to the side plate of the SUPER pavers without the need for tools.

Sensors of the New Generation Integrate Practical Innovations

The new sensors also incorporate some improvements to make work easier for users. This begins when the grade and slope control technology is started up, when a setting aid in the form of an LED strip on the sensors allows the correct distance to the reference to be determined: if the two middle LEDs light up, the correct position has been reached. Connection to the Vögele Niveltronic Plus or Niveltronic basic system for automated grade and slope control is easy and follows the "plug & play" principle on the screed operator's console. This is where all levelling adjustments are made — with just a few presses of a button. That brings a key advantage: the sensor technology comes from the same source as the machine technology, so they are perfectly coordinated.

During paving, two further highlights of the new sensors ensure that the screed operators can concentrate entirely on the paving job: the LED display attached to the sensor, known as a cross, provides constant information on whether the target and actual values coincide — and if the lighting conditions are poor, or during the night, a power LED also integrated in the sensor helps the screed operator by illuminating the reference to be scanned very brightly.

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