For many people, from teenagers to senior citizens, the idea of tromping the accelerator of a hot car and going as fast as possible is invigorating. Perhaps just going fast is not enough. Showing off your skills might be even better. The best of both worlds is on display at the new speedway at The Concours Club in Miami.

In 2013, W.I. Clark acquired the Kleemann line of aggregate and recycling products when the Wirtgen Group brought the products to the United States. W.I. Clark had already been a Wirtgen Group dealer for milling machines, Vogele pavers and Hamm compactors.

At ConExpo 2020, Joseph Vogele AG showcased its new software-based application for road construction. WITOS Paving Docu allows paving data and delivery notes to be recorded and automates the process of sending out job-site reports. With its latest innovation, WITOS Paving Docu, the global market leader is complementing its two existing job-site solutions: RoadScan, the non-contacting temperature-measurement system with which the paving temperature can be monitored across the full pave width, and WITOS Paving Plus, the telematics solution for coordinating and actively optimizing all processes from the mixing plant to the paving process in real time.

Following its successful market launch, cold milling machine specialist Wirtgen is rounding out its new generation of large milling machines at the ConExpo-Con/AGG 2020. The W 250 Fi and W 220 Fi will make their world premiere at the show. The two W 210 Fi and W 207 Fi large milling machines as well as the W 380 CRi cold recycler, exhibited together as a recycling train, will make their North American debut.

Vögele has restructured its product range and is poised to stage several premieres: the Super 3000-3(i), the biggest paver in the company's product range, the Super 1000(i) and 1003(i) compact pavers, the SB 300 and SB 350 fixed-width screeds, and the new functions of the WITOS paving process-management solution.

They are bright green and integrate many benefits as standard that will make work easier for users: the latest generation of sensors for grade and slope control from Vögele. Whether on their own or in combination with the new Big MultiPlex Ski, they deliver optimal results in asphalt paving.

The history of Highway Contractors Inc. is long and varied. It includes changes in names, ownership and types of work. But, one thing has remained nearly constant through more than five decades — the Adams family lineage. “What we specialize in may have shifted, but with a slight exception, a family member has been at the helm from day one,” said Ashley Adams, president of Highway Contractors.

Poe Asphalt Paving marks its 65th anniversary this year as the company's history dates back to 1953 when Ernie Poe and Kenny Knapp formed a firm known simply as Asphalt Paving in Clarkston, Wash. Today, Poe Asphalt Paving has multiple locations that cover a significant portion of the Pacific Northwest and is led by third- and fourth-generation members of the Poe family.

The 8-ft. (2.4 m) paver segment is of central importance to many road construction companies, because with these machines they can cover a wide range of applications, from small municipal job sites to highway construction and rehabilitation. With their strong performance and a uniquely compact design, the Super 1700-3i and Super 1703-3i pavers put Germany-based Joseph Vögele AG at the forefront of technology in this field.

Millstone Weber LLC crews are tackling two major contracts for the renovation and upgrade of more than 400 mi. of Union Pacific linking St. Louis and Chicago via the High Speed Rail Tier 1 South. The High Speed Rail Tier 1 South is a more than $46 million contract and runs from Godfrey to Shipman, and the HSR Tier 5 is more than $8 million and runs from east St.

With the 10-ft. (3 m) tracked Super 2000-3i and the wheeled Super 2003-3i pavers Vögele has developed two entirely new pavers for the North American market. They are designed primarily for use in highway construction and large-scale commercial applications, which are all about power and productivity.