NJ Business Wins With Metso Mobile Crusher

Thu March 10, 2005 - Northeast Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

L. Feriozzi Concrete Company has helped build casinos in Atlantic City for many years, but when Joseph L. Feriozzi, the company’s vice president, went shopping for a crusher, he was in no mood to gamble.

When it comes to concrete work, the Ventnor, NJ-based company virtually does it all — whether it’s for roads, bridges, or high-rises. Much of L. Feriozzi Concrete Company’s signature projects have occurred in the east coast’s Mecca for gambling — Atlantic City.

“We’ve done a lot of the casinos there,” began Feriozzi. “We built the original Golden Nugget Casino, which is now the Hilton. We built the Tropicana and the Trump Plaza, Marina and Taj Mahal; we’ve built the Borgata, as well as Bally’s … and we’ve done renovations for most of the other casinos.”

Currently, L. Feriozzi Concrete Company is working on a new parking structure for Caesar’s for which the slab-on grade called for a 6-in. (15.2 cm) space of dense grade aggregate (DGA), which the company is producing. But it wasn’t always this way.

“We’re a Class B recycler and that allows us to process concrete and asphalt and regenerate it back into the projects that we do,” said Feriozzi. “We used to hire someone to come and crush for us, but we always wanted to own our own machine, but we also wanted to make sure that the machine would be mobile and have all the essentials that we’d need to make DGA in one pass … and, of course, it needed to be reasonably priced.”

Feriozzi began working with Scott Warren, sales representative of Binder Machinery, South Plainfield, NJ, to find a way to do this. Warren demoed the Metso 1213S mobile crusher for Feriozzi, who quickly realized the machine was the best bet to help his company produce DGA itself.

“Until now, when Metso 1213S came out, I really didn’t see a crusher on the market that we thought was conducive to what we wanted to do,” said Feriozzi. “So when Binder demonstrated this machine [the 1213S], I definitely saw that it had all the characteristics we were looking for … the price was right and we bought it.”

Now, L. Feriozzi Concrete Company can produce DGA from 1-in. minus down, regenerating it into its own projects, such as for roadway, parking lot and sidewalk subgrade.

The Metso LT1213S is a full process plant that crushes feed material in an NP1213M impact crusher. After crushing, the material is screened with the inclined screen, from where the oversized material is returned to the crusher by the return conveyor. In addition to this closed circuit crushing process, LT1213S also can be utilized in an open circuit process to make two different end product sizes.

The plant’s transport dimensions are:

• Length: 56 ft., 5 in. (17 m, 12.7 cm)

• Width: 9 ft., 10 in. (2.7 m, 25.4 cm)

• Height: 11 ft., 2 in. (3.4 m, 5.1 cm)

• Weight: 104,720 lbs. (47,500 kg)

The LT1213S has been a welcome addition to Feriozzi’s fleet. “The features I like most are that the 1213S is very mobile and easy to move,” Feriozzi said. “[It] has everything on it … the screener, the magnet scale: and I can make my product in one pass without re-circulating it separately; it re-circulates it all by itself.”

Founded in the 1930s by Louis Feriozzi, L. Feriozzi Concrete Company is a third-generation company. The second generation, Joseph Feriozzi, and Concetta Feriozzi, who is the firm’s current CEO and president) took over in the mid 1950s, and third generation entered the company in the mid 1990s, with Joseph’s two sons and nephews — Joseph W. Feriozzi and Steven Feriozzi, and Michael Feriozzi and Joseph L. Feriozzi, respectively.

L. Feriozzi Concrete Company has rented or purchased equipment from Binder Machinery over the course of most of its three generations in business. Today, in addition to the Metso 1213S, the company owns a fleet of Komatsu iron, including excavators such as PC300LC-7, PC220LC-7, PC120LC-6 and PC150LC-6.