NJ Firm Brings New Jaw Crusher Attachment to the States

Thu February 09, 2006 - Northeast Edition
Kate Zanoni

The Eco-Crusher is one precious investment for contractors. Not only is it cost-effective, it also saves time and space on the job site.

The machine is an excavator-attached jaw crusher that was previously unavailable in the United States. However, because of Giberson Enterprises in Shamong, NJ, the Eco-Crusher is now readily available to U.S. contractors.

Giberson Enterprises was able to procure the distributing rights as the exclusive importer of the Eco-Crusher to the United States.

“We were first introduced to the Eco-Crusher at the 2005 ConExpo in Las Vegas,” said Richard Giberson, vice president of Giberson Giberson Plumbing & Excavating Inc. “We immediately saw the potential of the Eco-Crusher for our sitework business and purchased the first bucket on U.S. soil, which was actually the machine on display at ConExpo.”

Giberson added this excavator attachment to his fleet and realized the impact that this product could have on the recycling industry.

“This product [can help] anyone who recycles or comes across rock that’s costing them time, money and space,” said Giberson.

“Larry [Giberson — Giberson Enterprises’ vice president] personally went to Italy in May and visited the factories, talked to employees and met with the original inventors, owners and contractors who have been using this product line and are more than confident and satisfied,” said Giberson.

As contractors, Giberson Plumbing & Excavating has built up its reputation with commitment to honesty and pride.

Giberson Enterprises was created for the sole purpose to distribute the Eco Crusher line into the United States.

“We will run this business with the same commitment that we have shown in our family excavating company,” said Giberson. “We are very excited about setting up a committed and reliable network of dealers throughout all of North America.”

About the Eco-Crusher

The Eco-Crusher is a bucket that connects to a hydraulically-driven excavator, which contains a jaw crusher inside of it. It has been manufactured and sold in Europe since 2002 with approximately 1,000 units sold.

The machine operates economically, crushing 1-in. (2.5 cm) minus at a cost of approximately $3 per ton.

For contractors who are stockpiling asphalt, concrete or rock in their yard, the Eco-Crusher provides an alternative to hiring a contract crusher to process the material.

Instead of sending materials to a concrete or recycling facility, Giberson suggests that the “Eco-Crusher can get the job done for you more efficiently.”

For job sites with rock and recyclable materials, the Eco-Crusher processes material to produce subbase on site, using available materials at a fraction of the price of purchasing or renting a traditional portable jaw crusher, according to Giberson.

In addition, a quick adjustment to the Eco-Crusher allows one to adjust material size from 6-in. (15.2 cm) down to .75-in. (1.9 cm) minus.

Scott Smith, of JDS Tractor Company in Pocasset, MA, was the first dealer in the United States to sell the Eco-Crusher. Smith was so impressed with the Eco-Crusher and Larry’s dedication to it, that he has now become the Northeast dealer representative of Giberson Enterprises handling all new dealer set up and regional sales for the product.

Smith sold the machine to Ingebord Kelleher, president of Emerald Excavating Company Inc., in Plymouth, MA.

After several months of using the Eco-Crusher, Kelleher was impressed by the machine’s strong performance in making 1.5-in. (3.8 cm) minus material — even in wet conditions.

Before purchasing the Eco-Crusher, when Kelleher came across material that needed to be removed from a job site, she would truck it to Emerald’s yard and stockpile it.

“Once a year, we would have a custom crushing company come in to process the stockpiled material,” said Kelleher. “The materials that we make we then use for small roads and driveways and for subbase at excavating sites.

“One of the biggest reasons that we purchased the Eco-Crusher was so that we could constantly process material as it was being brought into the yard, thus dramatically decreasing the amount of space the stockpiles use up at our yard,” added Kelleher.

By constantly processing material as it comes in, Kelleher has a more consistent supply of recycled material.

“Of course, the real savings come into play if we are able to use the Eco-Crusher at the construction site to make reusable materials for that particular site,” said Kelleher.

“That completely eliminates the cost of trucking materials back to our yard and we have an additional savings by being able to use the processed materials on the job site instead of paying to have subbase materials hauled in,” she added.

About Emerald

Excavating Company Inc.

Emerald Excavating Company offers full service excavating and serves the South Shore area of Massachusetts.

The company provides various types of excavating services, including grading, roadwork and commercial and residential site work.

In addition, Emerald Excavating has a complete form division that provides concrete services for many types of foundations, footings and slabs.

James and Ingebord Kelleher founded the company more than 25 years ago. It is still family owned and operated today.

During the early years of operation, Emerald Excavating consisted of a few employees and only a couple pieces of equipment. The business was conducted out of a family barn that was converted into an office and a small shop.

Since then, the company has grown out of its small beginnings and has become a successful and reputable corporation with more than 45 employees.

Emerald Excavating is involved in the following types of construction:

• Commercial and residential site development

• Residential roadwork

• All types of site grading

• Septic system installation and repair

• All types of drainage and piping

• All types of utility installation

• Concrete formwork

• Land clearing and site preparation

• Loam delivery

Before adding the Eco-Crusher to its fleet, Emerald Excavating had been processing between 15,000 and 20,000 tons (13,600 and 18,100 t) of material in its yard a year and relied on a local custom crush company to come in to do the work.

However, with the Eco-Crusher, now it can process it all themselves.

The company’s Eco-Crusher has been mounted to a Caterpillar 225 excavator that was getting to an age that the company would not typically send it out to job sites, but it is ideal for the work at hand.

Emerald Excavating had a hydraulic quick-attach system installed on the excavator because large rocks more than 10 ft. (3.1 m) in diameter kept coming into the yard.

The quick-attach system allows the company to easily mount a hydraulic hammer to the stick to crush the rock and quickly switch back to the Eco-Crusher within seconds to process the material.

“The Eco-Crusher was perfect for what we wanted to do,” said Rory Kelleher, Ingebord’s son. “Our other alternative was to purchase a portable crushing plant, but for the investment necessary to get a return, we would have had to go into the crushing business on a full-time basis — and that’s not the business we wanted to be in.”

With the Eco-Crusher, the company has spent less money and is now able to accomplish all of its needs.

“With this system, we save money all the way around,” said Rory. “At times, it eliminates trucking for us.

“With the quick-attach system to operate the hammer and the crusher, it is a simple one-man operation and we have saved a tremendous amount of space with reduced stockpiles in our yard,” he added.

“One of the biggest appeals of the Eco-Crusher is the simplicity of the design,” said Rory. “The Eco-Crusher’s simple design allows us to process materials even in wet weather.” CEG

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