Nortrax Customers Can Convert Excavators Into Portable Jaw Crushers

Fri April 03, 2009 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Giberson Enterprises, master distributor for the Eco-Crusher, announced Nortrax as a new dealer effective Dec. 1, 2008. Nortrax has agreed to inventory all Eco-Crusher excavator-mounted jaw crusher bucket models and wear parts, so the dealer can immediately serve customers from all regions. Attaching to any size or model of excavator, the Eco-Crusher scoops and crushes concrete, brick, block, asphalt, aggregate, and more onsite — saving contractors on hauling and tipping costs.

Nortrax dealerships in southern Florida picked up the Eco-Crusher line in July of 2008. This December, an additional 30 Nortrax dealerships across the United States picked up the line, from northern Wisconsin to Maine, extending south into Tennessee.

“Contractors rely on Nortrax to know their needs and to go that extra mile for their business. For our customers who work in demolition and recycling, adding Eco-Crusher to the Nortrax product line up makes it easier for them to find an excavator tailored for their operations,” said Timothy J. Murphy, Nortrax president and CEO.

The Eco-Crusher line includes the BF60 for 18,000-lb. (8,165 kg) or larger excavators; the BF70 for 28,000-lb. (12,700 kg) or larger excavators; the BF90 for 48,000-lb. (21,792 kg) or larger excavators; and the BF120 for 68,000-lb. (30,844 kg) and larger excavators. And now the HD90, a heavy-duty model for crushing natural aggregates, has been added to the line. It is suited for 58,000-lb. (26,308 kg) or larger excavators.

Production rates range from 15 tph (13.6 t) on the smallest bucket up to 99 tph (90 t) on the largest. The bucket is designed to crush material with a maximum input product thickness of 15 in.-minus (38 cm) for recycle and 10 in.-minus (25 cm) for aggregate into an end product that ranges from 6 in. (15 cm) down to 1 in.-minus (25 cm) — depending on the Eco-Crusher bucket size and closed-side setting configuration.

For more information, call 609/268-3451 or visit

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