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Operators See Clearly Now With Rosco Spreadpro Cab

Wed February 14, 2001 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Rosco Manufacturing Company has introduced its new Spreadpro Chipspreader. It is built with a variable-width aggregate hopper and ClearView enclosed cab with visibility-enhanced placement and ergonomic controls.

Rosco’s new Spreadpro Chipspreader uses a variable-width aggregate hopper. The hopper is continuously expandable up to 16 ft. (4.8 m), allowing the operator to change the spread width during operation. This feature is valuable when encountering road obstacles and variances such as bridges, corners, guardrails and ramps. Inside the expandable hoppers, the spread width is controllable in 12-in. (30 cm) increments.

The Spreadpro’s ClearView cab design and placement enhances visibility. Conventional chipspreader operator cabs are located in the rear of the vehicle, greatly reducing work-surface visibility. The Spreadpro’s cab is positioned at the front of the vehicle, allowing the operator to clearly see the work surface and potential obstacles.

Though the cab is high enough for the user to turn and view all aft operations, the unit includes eyes-forward mirrors for safe and simple monitoring of the aggregate-truck supply and delivery. The enclosed cab offers a pressurized, controlled climate and operator protection from asphalt fumes, silica dust and the elements.

To maximize operator effectiveness, the Spreadpro includes an ergonomic cab control. The operator controls all chipspreader movement and function with a steering wheel and easy-to-use joystick, instead of numerous buttons and switches found with traditional units. Cab monitors indicate if more or less aggregate is needed, how much aggregate is being metered onto the work surface and other operation parameters. The variable-width hopper and enhanced visibility make operation a more simple and cost-effective process. While most chipspreaders require a crew of workers to help control, monitor and direct operation, one person can efficiently operate the Spreadpro.

The Spreadpro includes a microprocessor control that meters the amount of aggregate applied, offering accurate aggregate delivery in every application. The unit automatically compensates for operational factors, adjusting to provide the correct amount of aggregate.

The Spreadpro’s automatic-release/re-attach hitch grabs the aggregate truck at its hitchpoint, pulling it behind while aggregate is delivered into the receiving hopper. When another load is needed, the hitch is released and another truck can be attached without interrupting work. Hydraulically-controlled hopper lifting wings further facilitate this process by concentrating aggregate from the sides of the hopper to the center-located conveyor belts, keeping a continuous, steady flow of aggregate delivered to the application hopper. Optional four-wheel drive allows the unit to pull large loads uphill, while reducing mat-damaging slippage.

For more information, call 605/256-6942 or visit

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