Founded prior to the United States involvement in WWI, Rieth-Riley Construction Co. in Goshen, Ind., is celebrating its 100th anniversary and is looking forward to another century of success in Indiana, Michigan and neighboring states. The company is still headquartered in Goshen, Ind., where it was founded in 1916.

When one of the mid- Atlantic region’s top paving and emulsion contractors needed a cutting edge new machine to apply its product to the area’s streets and highways, it trusted one brand and one dealer enough to deliver it to them sight unseen.

The W.I. Clark Company became the new dealer of all VT LeeBoy and Rosco products in Connecticut in February. “It is a really great fit for us and completes our offering on the paving end of our business. The LeeBoy product has a tremendous reputation in Connecticut ” said Doug Hansen, president of The W.I.

JESCO has expanded its product offering with the addition of LeeBoy and Rosco products. JESCO will now sell and service LeeBoy and Rosco’s full equipment line throughout central and northern New Jersey. “It is my great pleasure to add JESCO to the VT LeeBoy dealer network,” stated David Carey, vice president of sales and marketing of VT LeeBoy.

MADISON, S.D. (AP) State and local officials say they have exhausted all efforts to keep one of Madison’s largest employers from leaving the state. Last month, company officials said the Rosco manufacturing plant in Madison would be closing as the plant’s owner, LeeBoy Industries of North Carolina, said it would move all its operations to North Carolina by the end of the year.

B.R. Lee Industries Inc. (LeeBoy) recently announced that it had acquired Rosco Manufacturing Company, headquartered in Madison, SD. LeeBoy, a manufacturer of asphalt pavers, has designed and manufactured asphalt paving and grading products at its Denver, NC, facility since 1964.

Rosco Manufacturing Company has introduced its new Spreadpro Chipspreader. It is built with a variable-width aggregate hopper and ClearView enclosed cab with visibility-enhanced placement and ergonomic controls. Rosco’s new Spreadpro Chipspreader uses a variable-width aggregate hopper.

Whoever coined the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” obviously never encountered the Dean Word Company. Since its inception in the early 1890s, the company, based in New Braunfels, TX, has been an innovator in the road and highway construction business. Founded by Walter Lewis Word, the original direction of the company was dirt contracting for both county road and railroad construction.

Anderson/Rupp Equipment Co. is now renting and selling Rosco DS water trucks. Standing in front of the Rosco 7,570-liter (2,000 gal.) water truck are Peter Fletcher (L) and Steve Kenney, both of Anderson Equipment’s, Albany, NY, branch.

Built with a variable-width hopper, ClearView enclosed cab and ergonomic controls, Rosco’s Spreadpro chipspreader is one of the most advanced units available. Introducing the exclusive variable-width aggregate hopper, the Spreadpro chipspreader’s hopper is continuously expandable up to 4.9 meters (16 ft.), allowing the operator to change the spread width during operation.