PR165 Mill Offers Wide Stance, Low Center of Gravity

Tue July 08, 2008 - National Edition
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With a wide 5-ft., 10-in. (1.8 m) side-to-side and 6-ft., 8-in. (2 m) front-to-rear wheel stance, the Terex PR165 utility mill from Terex Roadbuilding delivers sturdy operation in a wide variety of applications, including cul-de-sacs, wedge and header cuts, bump and joint removal and shoulder recycling and removal. Unlike mills that use leg barrels to raise and lower the machines frame and cutter, the PR165’s main frame does not move when raising or lowering the cutter housing. This gives the utility mill a very low center of gravity.

With high flotation tires up to 33 percent wider than others, the PR165’s 12-in. (30.5 cm) wide by 36-in. (91.5 cm) diameter tires offer a lower ground contract pressure, so this mill does not break down the base material. Featuring a bigger footprint, the PR165 tires deliver optimum traction, even in soft base conditions. The mill’s four-wheel drive and a limited slip differential also help to improve tractive effort.

The PR165 features a hydrostatic rotor drive that includes a built-in relief system, which protects drive components from sever damage should the cutter hit an obstruction. Independent of the mill’s main frame, a parallelogram cutter subframe design delivers a 24-in. (61 cm) elevation to lower and raise the cutter in and out of the cut. With a 40-in (101.6 cm) drum diameter, the PR165 delivers a 12-in. cutting depth for milling and stabilization patchwork.

With its front to rear “center mount” cutter design, the full weight of the machine is positioned over the rotor, enhancing performance even in the toughest cuts. The PR165 delivers a flush cut to the right of the machine for working right up to obstacles. Four-wheel steering offers four steering modes — coordinated front and rear, crab, front only and rear only — to improve onsite maneuverability. The mill’s tight, 8-in. (20 cm) right-hand inside turn radius allows for cutting around headers, manhole covers and water valves.

Operators are seated directly above the cutter, maximizing visibility while working around obstructions.

Two working speeds of 0 to 200 fpm (0 to 61 mpm) and 0 to 360 fpm (0 to 110 mpm) allow the operator to match machine speed to job site conditions. A ratio potentiometer located on the operator’s console allows the operator to further fine tune the machine’s working speed when cutting around an obstacle. With a high travel speed range of 0 to 12 mph (0 to 19.3 kmh), this cold planer can be quickly roaded to the next cut.

The Terex PR165 can be equipped with an optional front-loading, two-stage conveyor. The 16-in. (40.6 cm) wide conveyor quickly removes material from the cutter housing and rapidly folds to reduce the length of the mill for transport. This optional component features two sections: a fixed lower conveyor that raises and lowers with the cutter housing; and a swiveling upper conveyor that moves up to 30 degrees left/right of center for easy truck loading.

The PR165 is powered by a fuel-efficient, Tier III and Stage IIIA compliant diesel engine rated at 165 hp (125 kW). This utility mill offers a standard cutting width of 24 in. (61 cm). It has a low 10-ft., 9-in. (3.3 m) transport height with standard ROPS installed.

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